Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Seed and The Fruit

I am so damned tired of hearing this ideological idiocy from brain dead parrots:
"The problem is not the fair competition which is at the core of successful capitalism; the problem is the grossly CORRUPTED version of capitalism that has become the norm today on a national and even global scale."
"We don't have capitalism. We have fascism."
"It isn't capitalism. It's corporatism."
"It isn't capitalism. It's crony capitalism."
They are so very adamant in their insistence that capitalism could be a wonderful system, if only it hadn't been corrupted. If they were capable of rational thought though, they would ask themselves how anything that has happened could possibly have turned out differently. When, exactly, did things go so horribly wrong, and what could have prevented it?

So, the purpose of this post is to show that what we've got, regardless of what you want to call it, is the terminal stage, and inevitable result of capitalism.

1- Capitalism is based on competition.
2-Competition, by definition, requires winners and losers. Let's be clear; this is not a competition for ribbons or trophies; it's for survival. Apologists for capitalism will claim that this is nature's way. It isn't. Any competition for survival, that occurs with social mammals in nature, is between separate species or separate groups. It never happens within a group.
3-In a capitalist system, participating in the competition is not optional. Refusal or inability to compete, means death, unless the non-competitor is fortunate enough to be under the protection of a winner.
4-Under capitalism, one wins by taking more than one gives; losers give more than they take. This fact guarantees that the biggest winners, in the long run, will be the most antisocial, ruthless and psychopathic members of the group. They will definitely NOT be the sort of people who care about fairness, or social justice, or the "non-aggression principal".
5-Winners control the resources of the group, and are therefore in a position to leverage the losers with the threat of starvation, and ultimately, death.
6-As a result, the winners are able to take ever more, while giving ever less to the losers. This manifests as a continuously widening wealth gap.
7-Eventually, because of the ruthless character of the biggest winners, they will use their wealth to control public discourse, and corrupt any social, political and legal systems that exist, for their own advantage. Result: corporatism/fascism.
8-Should it be to their advantage, they will collude with one another to accomplish this. Result: crony capitalism.