Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Three Animals Test: Interpretation

Spoiler Alert!
Do not read this post if you haven't completed the instructions in the previous one. That post is here.

Now that you have your responses ready, here is the key for interpretation:

The first animal you selected tells you about your aspirations. This is what you admire and value. It's what you would like to become. Read what you wrote down. These are your subconscious mind's uncensored thoughts about your ideals.

Your second choice reveals your persona. This is face you wear for others, and how they see you. These are the qualities that other admire in you.

Your third animal will show you your true inner nature. These are the unconditioned qualities of your personal soul. What you wrote about this animal reveals your authentic nature as a living being.


  1. That was fun. Thanks. Food for thought.

    1. You're welcome, Ian. I recall when I did it, some of my statements surprised me. I'm still amazed at the way some part of our minds seems desperate to communicate its truth to our consciousness, but can only do so in symbols and riddles to bypass some other part that acts as gate-keeper.

    2. What is concerning me is that I picked "dog" for my third... but yes, the reasoning is very interesting when put in the context of your own self. I write down and interpret my dreams, because I find the symbolism fascinating and also illuminating. Recently I realised that waking life should be interpreted in the same way.

    3. Hi Ian.
      Dogs are lovely! Chris chose dog for #1. Of course, your reasons for choosing are far more important than what was chosen. ;-)

      "Recently I realised that waking life should be interpreted in the same way."
      We're all conditioned to go through life believing that the content is "real" and the meaning, "unreal". Actually, both are equally real, two sides of the same coin. When I realised this, it changed everything. It was as though I'd spent my whole life alternately closing one eye, then the other, but suddenly, I was looking through them both at the same time; I had binocular vision, depth perception! I think the content/meaning split, has its roots in, and also maintains, the left brain/right brain disconnect.

  2. This was very interesting to say the least. Thank you

    1. Hi Ron. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I've always liked this one because it allows people to see positive qualities that they might never have recognised in themselves before.

  3. Fun and interesting. Thanks!

  4. Many thanks for that!
    I also put dogs as #1 - for their unconditional (at least in my opinion) friendship and love!!
    All the best wishes,

    1. Hi Carl.
      You're welcome. While it's common knowledge that most people are blind to their faults, I've noticed that many, especially those engaged in self-development, or "on the path", are just as likely to overlook their best qualities. I was certainly that way in my early twenties when this test was shared with me.
      All the best