Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Thank you, Russell Brand!

I recently read a really brilliant jewel of an editorial piece, written by the UK comedian, Russell Brand. As usual, in the comments, he was criticised for not presenting a comprehensive solution. Said commenters have, most likely, been infected by a popular, apathy inducing belief: "Don't talk about problems unless you have a solution." I've no idea what universe they reside in, but in this one, some things have to happen in a particular order. First, one identifies and articulates a problem, then one understands it, then solutions become available. The fact that Russell doesn't have a solution does not negate the value of his criticism. He is right about the futility of voting. How ignorant do you have to be, to not know that it costs a lot of money to run a successful election campaign? That level of funding can only come from the very deep pockets of corporations and the super-rich. They like things as they are, and they don't bankroll candidates who would threaten their interests and privilege. He is right about the fact that the horrific suffering of billions, is required to maintain our present, competition-based system. He is right when he points out that the insane greed of a handful of psychopaths is hurtling the planet towards ecological disaster. It's important that these things be said. It is the first, and absolutely necessary, step towards real solutions.

Other people felt the need to accuse Russell of hypocrisy, on the grounds that he is allegedly very well off financially. Of course, if Russell were poor, those same critics would have dismissed the piece as a case of sour grapes. Personally, I think his decision to argue against his own position of economic privilege was an act of admirable and unusual integrity.

I also think Russell was unfairly accused of trying to incite revolution, without having any real ideas about what form it might take, or what consequences might follow. That's not how I interpreted his statements, nor do I believe that was his intention. He simply pointed out that a revolution is coming. He's right; a revolution is coming. Anyone who denies that, knows nothing of history, or isn't paying attention to what's going on around them. It's no longer a question of, "Will there be revolution, or not?" It's only a question of what kind of revolution it will be. It's high time people started talking about that, as well, before it actually happens. That's not irresponsible; it's the only thing that might, possibly, lead to a good outcome.

I'm really happy that someone as articulate, intelligent and influential as Russell Brand has broken the mainstream silence about all these issues at last. Good on him! He doesn't claim to have all the answers and I, for one, find that truly, refreshingly, honest and responsible. Clearly, he's not the one with a messiah complex. It's the nut-cases who expect him to either save the world single-handedly, or shut up, that have the messiah issues.


  1. Brand is really making waves in the collective awareness, for better or for worse. Ultimately for the better, I think, although, since we are talking about a celebrity appearing on the bankster-controlled mainstream media, there are always the hidden Oogah-Boogah Society mass mind-control agendas in play behind the scenes... We must take into account, however, at this stage in the endgame, that everything the blind lords of deception try to do backfires on them eventually... probably sooner rather than later. It seems clear to me that they are trying to put a face on the inevitable revolution and once again pre-emptively co-opt the groundswell of awakening. Yes, they are social engineers and that is their modus operandi. Most humans involved in the agenda of enslavement probably have the best of intentions at heart, including Brand himself, no doubt. It's their blind spots and human ego weaknesses and appetites that get them supporting the machinations of those who prey upon humanity -- who, by the way, are most definitely approaching the cliff as far as cosmic energies continuing to allow what they've been up to to succeed. That's my take, even though it does hinge upon a certain unpredictable element: the aforementioned human mass awakening. It's important that we don't latch on to star personalities and do remain grounded in our own personal sovereignty and responsibility for seeking truth and taking appropriate action. It is, of course, refreshing to see certain obvious truths finally breaking in, but good cointelpro is always wrapped in an appealing package of truth and near-truth. I just get a creepy kind of vibe from this Brand phenomenon; it's too glib, pat, pre-packaged and calculated to be for real. If his antics were perceived by the shadowy powers as any kind of real threat, he would not be enjoying the public spotlight the way he is. So I think he's being used. The genie is out of the bottle as far as revolution coming, there's now just a mad scramble to try to shape it to the same old ends that they so deviously pulled off in the French, American and Bolshevik Revolutions. (Same old masters, different set of minions under a different ideological flag.) It smells of Problem-Reaction-Solution programming through and through. The bright side is that this character will also have a positive impact as far as jolting more people into awakening mode, possibly even more so than the intended "go back to sleep" mode -- and, in the case of us early risers, he's just a marginally-interesting sign of the times, a late-comer to the party, barely noticeable but for the media attention focused on him.

    As far as solutions to the problem (which indeed he has none of substance to offer), Max Keiser and some other person at ZeroHedge have basically pointed out BitCoin as the massive game-changer at the economic root of these toxic ills... I'm ambivalent about that, I mean, sure, it's a hella more viable currency than euro-shit or dollar-guano or any other dying fiat system, but it can only do so much toward freeing us, it's not a cure-all. The leap in consciousness that needs to be made is that FEAR and IGNORANCE are what feed the vampire system, all the vast human energy that goes into the system based on lies and coercion. That stops when we inform ourselves as to the veiled truth of things as they are and when we recognize ourselves as beautiful, eternal, immensely powerful beings whose essence is LOVE. That is the revolution in consciousness that will free us and make a better world. :)

    1. Hi BCth.
      As you said, "It's important that we don't latch on to star personalities and do remain grounded in our own personal sovereignty and responsibility for seeking truth and taking appropriate action." Agreed. I think it's a mistake to focus on the messenger when the message is so important. That message does not fit the pattern of the existing, controlled opposition, narratives. ie: "change the system from within", "set the markets free", "vote with your wallet", etc. It's probable that TPTB are trying to use him, but not to promote their agenda directly. If he had been intended for that purpose, he would have been given a "solution" to promote, would he not? My guess is: they thought he would be easy to discredit/dismiss. He is, after all, an "overly clever", former drug addict, and current sex addict, whose comedic persona has been practically synonymous with facetious egomania. So, shoot the messenger; kill the message, is what I suspect was intended. The subsequent reactions from the MSM (on both sides of the left/right spectrum), and the cointelpro "truth movement", are consistent with the above strategy. I don't think TPTB expected his social compassion to ring as true as it has.
      I've looked into bitcoin and I believe it's, at worst: a scam, and at best: a distraction. I definitely wouldn't trust anything Max Keiser is promoting. The libertarian/anarchocapitalist faction of which he is a part, is pushing an ideology every bit as psychopathic as that espoused by the existing powers that be.
      I know the awakening you describe is the only real solution, but do you still see it happening in time to prevent a global tragedy of epic scale, whether there's a revolution or not? I wish I still had that hope.
      In Lak'ech

  2. Oh, and I forgot to thank you for your post, Amanda. Also, I meant to link Robert Phoenix's article on Brand, here.