Tuesday, November 20, 2012

2012 At Last!

I've written very little thus-far, about the imminent end of the Mayan long-count calendar. That's because I didn't know what it meant. Nobody did.

I trust my intuition implicitly, but not necessarily my interpretation of it. I try to keep the two things separate, as far as possible. If I was meant to understand 2012, I intuitively sensed I would, when the time was right. I didn't know when that would be, but I expected to have a pretty good idea what was coming at around six months out. I was kept waiting until just a few days ago.

The evidence of the Tzolkin reveals the ancient Maya to have been master time-mappers. If the Maya considered the end of their long-count cycle to be cosmically significant, then I believe them.

Having said that, do I expect anything astonishing to occur on Dec. 21, 2012? No, I don't. This is what my intuition has given me: The winter solstice, which occurs on the same day, is a synchronistic metaphor for the end of the long-count cycle. Now, my interpretation:

In the Northern hemisphere, people have celebrated the winter solstice since time-immemorial. Ancient customs of feasting and light survive to this day. When Christianity was being imposed on pagan Europe, even it could not dislodge them. What it couldn't kill, had to be assimilated. That is why the Roman Church adopted the older celebration of the "birth of the Sun" for their own Messiah's birthday. (Nowhere in scripture does it say when Jesus was born.)

This is what actually happens on the winter solstice: The Sun arrives at it's maximum southern declination. It is the longest night of the year. Darkness reaches full ascendancy. It is also the turning point, at which the light begins to increase. On either side of the solstice, the difference in the length of a day is only seconds. For three days, or so, the Sun's position barely changes. Then, it gradually gathers momentum until the spring equinox, when it begins to slow down again. The turning point itself, occurs in a moment; it can be timed to the second. Until that point is reached, the darkness is still increasing, but so slowly, it is barely perceptible. After that moment, the light is returning, but again, barely perceptibly.

Taken as a metaphor, this tells us that the 21st of December is important because it is the turning point. It also tells us that the change will not be visible right away, but that the light will grow at a gathering pace. The metaphor additionally tells us something about where we are now. We are now at the point in the cycle when the darkness is still growing, yet nothing seems to change. That seems about right to me. Until the turning point is reached, don't expect any improvement. Look for it afterwards, but know that it will be subtle at first.

The disinformation that TPTB and their agents have been spreading about 2012, is the exact opposite of this. The History Channel aired a documentary about it, that pretty much sums up the misinformed, and deliberately formed, confusion surrounding the fabled date. "Everything and the kitchen sink," is the phrase that springs to mind. Everything apocalyptic that is. You've got good apocalypses, (We ascend to the 5th dimension and all our happy dreams come true.) and bad apocalypses, (The Earth is destroyed by cosmic catastrophe.) and apocalypses that could be good or bad depending on who you ask, (Biblical Armageddon). There are so many flavours of apocalypse on offer, it's down-right bewildering.

There may be some event that, in hind-sight, will be seen as the trigger for the turning of the tide; or not. But an apocalypse is as unlikely as mid-summer appearing the day after mid-winter. The hysteria TPTB have deliberately generated over 2012, is designed to discredit and/or disappoint those of us who foresee the changes that will surely come for all humanity. I expect to see some highly publicised 2012-cult suicides. It is also designed to reward and encourage the cynical defenders of the status quo; "See? Nothing happened. Just like Y2K."

The solstice metaphor holds a message for us about how best to respond to the Mayan calendar end-date. Celebrate! The longest night will be behind us. Even though the darkness still dominates, it begins to lessen. The light is returning, and will grow at an increasing pace. I'm going to celebrate!


  1. Hi Amanda I totally agree with you on this one.Sad to say tho that there will probably be those weak minded few who succomb to some weird teaching and commit suicide.Thanks for sharing your views with all of us.The best to you and yours

  2. Hi Ron.
    Thanks for your input. I'm feeling pretty confident about my interpretation in this case. I wouldn't like to see people become discouraged, just when there is most reason for optimism. So much energy has been invested in 2012; I think it will be interesting, whatever happens, or doesn't.
    In Lak'ech.

  3. Thanks for shedding some clear light in this subject - very helpful :)

    1. Hi Ian.
      You're most welcome. I'm glad you found it helpful.
      In Lak'ech.