Friday, August 24, 2012

Resonate This

Am I the only one who's getting annoyed by all the "resonating" going on lately? I don't have a problem with resonating per se. However, I object to the idea that resonance is an acceptable substitute for critical thinking, fact-checking, or evidence of any kind. What we've got here is an idea spread by repetition until it is so wide-spread, it passes without question. Ever time I turn around I hear things like:
"That resonates with me."
"Don't believe everything you hear. Just take what resonates and leave the rest."
The obvious, but unspoken assumption is that one can judge the accuracy of received information by whether one "resonates with it" or not.  In the absence of thorough self-knowledge, (a much rarer thing than the inclination to resonate), this just isn't so. Most often, people "resonate" with information because it agrees with what they already believe, or because it makes them feel good. Neither of those represents a valid measure of truth. Instead, they are a recipe for self-delusion. Errors are compounded as untrue belief holds the door open for whatever reinforces it, and refuses entry to conflicting data. False ego has free rein to remake universe in its own image. No need to bother with evidence, logic or rhetorical debate anymore. A declaration of resonance is now sufficient. What a boon for the New Age, fantasy free-for-all! Not much help with the collective insanity though.

It's sad that the principle of resonance has been misused and trivialised in this way. Resonance means vibrational sympathy. It is extremely important. It can teach you a great deal about yourself. An ability to objectively sense it, can reveal energetic patterns and sympathies. Resonance is the basis of technologies that would seem like magic. It just isn't a barometer of truth. Sorry.