Friday, August 24, 2012

Resonate This

Am I the only one who's getting annoyed by all the "resonating" going on lately? I don't have a problem with resonating per se. However, I object to the idea that resonance is an acceptable substitute for critical thinking, fact-checking, or evidence of any kind. What we've got here is an idea spread by repetition until it is so wide-spread, it passes without question. Ever time I turn around I hear things like:
"That resonates with me."
"Don't believe everything you hear. Just take what resonates and leave the rest."
The obvious, but unspoken assumption is that one can judge the accuracy of received information by whether one "resonates with it" or not.  In the absence of thorough self-knowledge, (a much rarer thing than the inclination to resonate), this just isn't so. Most often, people "resonate" with information because it agrees with what they already believe, or because it makes them feel good. Neither of those represents a valid measure of truth. Instead, they are a recipe for self-delusion. Errors are compounded as untrue belief holds the door open for whatever reinforces it, and refuses entry to conflicting data. False ego has free rein to remake universe in its own image. No need to bother with evidence, logic or rhetorical debate anymore. A declaration of resonance is now sufficient. What a boon for the New Age, fantasy free-for-all! Not much help with the collective insanity though.

It's sad that the principle of resonance has been misused and trivialised in this way. Resonance means vibrational sympathy. It is extremely important. It can teach you a great deal about yourself. An ability to objectively sense it, can reveal energetic patterns and sympathies. Resonance is the basis of technologies that would seem like magic. It just isn't a barometer of truth. Sorry.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Extraterrestrials, A Convenient Lie?

During the last century, a successful campaign was launched to promote a wide-spread belief in the existence of ETs who visit our planet in space-ships. Our culture has become increasingly saturated with ET-related material. Books, films, TV shows, advertising, ETs are everywhere! Complex alternate histories have been developed to weave them into our unremembered past. A very large number of people are now firmly convinced that ETs are real. Pretty much anyone who considers themselves "new age" does. Even in mainstream circles, many believe in ETs, and most think it's a strong, if unproven, possibility. In "The Stargate Conspiracy", Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince present convincing evidence that intelligence agencies and very wealthy and powerful individuals played a large and seminal role in promoting this belief in ETs.

On the other hand, in spite of ample evidence and decades of lobbying for "disclosure", the official stance of governments is that no proof exists of any ET presence on Earth. So what's going on? Do TPTB want people to believe in ETs or not? It reminds me of the lead-up to the American attack on Iraq. The US administration, in collusion with the MSM, succeeded in getting most Americans to believe that Iraq was involved in 911, but without ever actually saying it. They never actually said it because it was provably untrue. They created a useful belief without having to own it.

The apparent discrepancy between the engineering of belief in ETs and official denial becomes far more understandable if there are no ETs, if the ET story is intended to hide something else. If we consider this possibility, some very inconvenient questions arise, such as:
1. What are those UFOs, and to whom do they belong?
2. Who has been abducting people, or implanting them with memories of having been abducted?
3. Who are the entities, claiming to be ETs, who've been communicating through trance channellers?

While I do not accept the standard extraterrestrial explanations, I won't deny that these questions are valid ones. One would have to ignore a great deal of good evidence to do so. However, it isn't necessary to postulate an ET presence to plausibly answer these questions. The following are some alternative explanations that I consider more likely.


If there are no ETs visiting our planet, there are still UFOs to account for. We have mountains of testimony from highly credible witnesses and several mass sightings to date. I don't think it's reasonable to ignore all that. They can't be holograms because they are known to affect their surroundings. Whatever they are, they employ a level of technology that transcends what mainstream science lays claim to. If there are no ETs, then we have to postulate advanced technology, held in secret by non-governmental powers. There certainly are individuals and families right here on Earth, for whom money and public oversight are no object. I don't think it's far-fetched to suggest they might have private technology. Thanks to wide-spread belief in ET visitation, they don't have to worry about a few, or even many, people seeing it. If the UFOs originate on Earth, you'd expect their sophistication and overall numbers to increase over time, as indeed they have.


 If there's a perfect word to describe the abduction experience, it's "weird". Many people report first-hand, often credible, recollected encounters. Although they often contain irrational, dream-like elements, they have a consistency incompatible with pure invention. There is definitely something to see here. But is it space-aliens?
Research projects involving thought-transfer, implanted memory, mind control, the use of drugs and/or technology to induce altered states, remote-viewing, psychokinesis, etc. are known to have been undertaken and well funded by both military and private interests for over fifty years. Some kinds of experimentation on human beings are still widely considered unacceptable, not to mention illegal. Experimental human breeding and genetics projects, for example. They're also not the kinds of things anyone would volunteer for. As we all know, that's not enough to stop some people. However, it does mean the subjects have to be taken against their will. If they could be implanted with a memory of ET abduction, they'd never suspect the truth. This cover has the benefit of being able to account for any lasting trauma, and also prevents them being taken seriously, if they even dare to report it. In addition to experimental subjects, it would be helpful to arrange for some positive ET encounter memories to further obscure the reality.


No one has ever produced a physical extraterrestrial. They've been seen, and interacted with, by thousands, but there have been no captures, no bodies, not a single specimen, living or dead. Evidence for a physical ET presence is weak at best. Telepathic contact, in contrast, is wide-spread and growing. Which brings me to a separate, but overlapping phenomenon.
Throughout human history, people have interacted and communicated with non-physical entities. Only very recently has their existence been denied. There are many types of non-physical beings. Most don't interfere with humanity. But some have, and still do. Their true identities are unknown, but they have falsely claimed to be many things, including: deceased humans, ascended masters, time-travellers, spirit guides, saints, angels, demons, Gods and Goddesses, and increasingly often, ETs. I'll refer to them as PNEs (predatory, nonphysical entities).
I'm going to have to digress a bit here, into the subject of magick. I spent many years studying and practicing magick, but there was one branch that I was never comfortable with, namely the practice of summoning and interacting with spirits. Over the course of time, I have come to conclude that there are really two entirely different types of magick, (as well as religion). One of them is based on an understanding of universal forces and the methods of directly working with those energies. The other operates through the mediation of non-physical entities. Most who study magick consider these two branches as complimentary aspects of a single system. I disagree. A sufficiently knowledgeable and skilled magician can accomplish anything the intermediary spirits can, and more.
An example: Let's say you wanted to understand the meaning of an unknown symbol. If you were to use the first method, you could employ the method of "travelling in the spirit vision". This is very similar to remote-viewing. You would visualise the symbol as superimposed on a door or curtain, then mentally pass through the portal to induce a visionary elucidation of the symbol, which you would interpret by use of intuition. Or, if you wanted to use the second method, you could use a ouija board, or employ trance-channelling, or perform a ritual summoning, to evoke an entity, and then ask it to explain the symbol.
Another example: Say you wish to heal an illness. The first method might consist of harmonically aligning one's awareness with healing energy, then using concentration, imagination, will and belief to increase the power of your intention, which can then be directed to it's target. The second method might involve calling in an entity and asking or commanding it to carry out the healing.
I hope these examples make the distinction I'm trying to point out clear.

I'm really disappointed that the only people who seem to be warning against this contact are religious fundamentalists. They, of course, object to it on the grounds that their "God" doesn't like it, and will kick the ass of anyone who disobeys his orders. It's ironic really, since the Yahwists' deity is himself, a PNE.

So, if there are nonphysical entities offering to help us, why shouldn't we accept their assistance? You might ask the same question about the IMF. The answer would be the same. Their help is worth far less than it costs. It's really just bait to draw you into a relationship of dependency and predatory control. Also, like the IMF, their sales-pitch is in total contradiction to their track record.

The PNEs lie. They are masterful liars, which means they tell just enough truth to hook you, but not enough to really help you. Even when they tell the truth, they intentionally mislead. They definitely have access to an incredible pool of information. They have often used their technological knowledge, or their ability to make correct predictions, to win devotees. Many have accepted this as proof that the PNEs are spiritually advanced, superhuman beings. It proves nothing of the sort. It proves only that the PNEs are real and have access to information. I think we need to pay at least as much attention to what they don't tell us. Namely, all the important things we need to know if we are to free ourselves from the tyrannical control freaks who are currently destroying humanity and the Earth itself. Have they condemned the spiritual poison that is Yahwism? Have they alerted us to the pathological nature of money? Have they warned us about psychopathy? Have they given the oppressed people of Earth the energy technology that the elite clearly already possess? The answer is no, or at least not until some humans had figured it out for themselves. The PNEs are not our friends.

The PNEs demand sacrifices. They prefer blood sacrifices, but they also enjoy emotional energy and the willing submission of humans. While the PNEs have sometimes claimed to be Gods, the requirement of sacrifice reliably distinguishes them from actual Gods and Goddesses. Early polytheist initiates understood the Gods to be personifications of archetypal and natural forces. Their forms and natures correspond to their vibrational qualities and functions. The Gods don't derive their power from humans. The Gods were recognised and honoured by humans because Man is a microcosm, thus the Gods find reflection in our own nature. This is the main premise behind natal astrology.

I'm fairly convinced that the top global elite are in league with PNEs, and they know they're not aliens. They've been talking to them for centuries, if not millennia. Consider the case of John Dee, born in 1527 AD, and Astrologer Royal to Elizabeth I. It has been claimed that Dee was the head of QE I's secret service, and was code-named 007. I don't know if that's true or not, but was is known is that Dee, with the help of a trance-medium called Edward Kelly, established contact with nonhuman intelligences. These entities gave Dee, through Kelly, an "angelic" language called Enochian and a system of magick, based on tables of its letters. Sigils derived from the tables may be used to summon entities. Their experiments ended when a message from their Enochian source allegedly frightened Kelly so badly that he quit. The Enochian system still exists and remains in use. Please note that Dee's Enochian contacts never mentioned ETs. Given that such beings exist, isn't it likely that powerful people throughout history have availed themselves of mutually beneficial arrangements with PNEs? There is an occult aspect to the NWO and this is it. Evidence suggests that different human factions may be involved in competitive blood sacrifice to win the favour of the most powerful PNEs.


When we remove the ET filter, what a different picture emerges! And all of this remains invisible, so long as that filter exists. Needless to say, if there are no ETs, there can be no disclosure. The channelled "ETs" have been promising (and failing) to physically show up since the '70s. Disclosure would necessitate the production of living, breathing extraterrestrials, would it not? Could that have been the goal of some of the breeding/genetics programs associated with the abduction phenomenon? Who knows. In any case, pure fakery is unlikely to withstand the demands of a staged disclosure.

I could be wrong. I can't say for sure that the main-stream, ET narrative is false. However, I can say that it isn't the only possibility. It's always best to keep one's mind open to alternatives.