Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This Game Sucks!

Imagine that you and a bunch of your friends are sitting down to play a game of Monopoly. You've agreed to change some of the rules to make the game more realistic. Normally, the players all start with $1,500. of play-money, but in this version, starting amounts are allocated as follows:
Each player rolls the dice.
The player with the highest roll is "banker". The banker gets $2,000. to start.
The player with the next highest roll also gets $2,000.
The next two highest get $1,000. each.
The remaining players start with nothing
In addition, the following new rules apply:
1. The banker may borrow from the bank, interest free and without collateral, up to 9 times his personal wealth.
2. The banker may, at his discretion, lend any money at his disposal to the other players at whatever interest they both agree to. The banker may waive collateral requirements for such agreements. (Players may always choose to borrow according to the original rules of play.)

Fun game, eh? I wonder who will win. Probably, some of the players who started with nothing won't survive the first trip around the board, unless they borrow from the banker. Even if they do make it around, they probably won't be able to acquire any properties. Before long, it becomes apparent to all that the banker is destined to win. At this point, some of the other players start demanding a return to the original rules. Others suggest changing them to make the game more fair. Unfortunately, it's way too late. The banker already owns everything and the game only continues while he keeps lending and there's still money in the bank. It's just a game though, and it's getting tedious, so you all decide to call it a day. Next time you'll play by the old rules. Or maybe you'll play a different game instead.


  1. Seeing as we're playing this for real, I want to know why I've never been given my silver top hat!
    But you're right.
    One of those games where the losers need to have a tantrum and throw the board out the window...
    All the best.
    Carl (The 'Guide)

    1. Hi Carl.
      You'll have to ask your hypothetical friends why you didn't get your imaginary top-hat, lol.
      It's weird how, even among those who are promoting alternate money systems, no one seems to be talking about what to do about the wealth imbalance and unrepayable debt that already exists as a consequence of playing a game with these ridiculous rules for over a century. One way or another, it's got to go back in the box, or out the window. People need to start thinking about and planning for this. I can't help wondering if the "glitches" being reported lately in the computer systems of some major banks are the early signs of a virus. If something like that were to eliminate the banks' ability to keep track of electronic currency (which makes up over 97% of the total money supply), wouldn't that result in an epic fail of the monetary system? Imagine if no one knew who owned what, or who owed what to whom. Electronic data is also vulnerable to EMPs and really big solar flares, as I understand.

  2. A very interesting and thought provoking entry! You sure hit the nail on the head!I sure hope you and yours are doing quite good these days.Thanks

    1. Hi Captron.
      I wish I knew what comes next. If I were TPTB, I wouldn't want everyone to realise that the collapse was a systemic inevitability. I'd want to preempt its natural death with something else that could be blamed. When the dust clears though, there's still going to have to be a reset. Their reset plan probably includes a debt jubilee and a global currency to replace all sovereign issue. Whatever agency is given issuing authority will then have absolute power to dictate the behavior and spending of governments (with a pro-corporate carbon reduction agenda in mind, no doubt). Of course, all that will be seen as a small price to pay for the debt jubilee that can (temporarily) end austerity.
      Thanks for the kind wishes. We've been enjoying nearly a week of sunshine here, aside from the intermittent plane-generated clouds. It's the first time this year the temperature's been above 15 degrees (49F)! Hope you're all well and happy too.