Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This Game Sucks!

Imagine that you and a bunch of your friends are sitting down to play a game of Monopoly. You've agreed to change some of the rules to make the game more realistic. Normally, the players all start with $1,500. of play-money, but in this version, starting amounts are allocated as follows:
Each player rolls the dice.
The player with the highest roll is "banker". The banker gets $2,000. to start.
The player with the next highest roll also gets $2,000.
The next two highest get $1,000. each.
The remaining players start with nothing
In addition, the following new rules apply:
1. The banker may borrow from the bank, interest free and without collateral, up to 9 times his personal wealth.
2. The banker may, at his discretion, lend any money at his disposal to the other players at whatever interest they both agree to. The banker may waive collateral requirements for such agreements. (Players may always choose to borrow according to the original rules of play.)

Fun game, eh? I wonder who will win. Probably, some of the players who started with nothing won't survive the first trip around the board, unless they borrow from the banker. Even if they do make it around, they probably won't be able to acquire any properties. Before long, it becomes apparent to all that the banker is destined to win. At this point, some of the other players start demanding a return to the original rules. Others suggest changing them to make the game more fair. Unfortunately, it's way too late. The banker already owns everything and the game only continues while he keeps lending and there's still money in the bank. It's just a game though, and it's getting tedious, so you all decide to call it a day. Next time you'll play by the old rules. Or maybe you'll play a different game instead.