Friday, December 9, 2011

Jehovah's Witnesses Say The Darnedest Things

My first video blog:


  1. Why anyone would want to be the Keeper of the Pages (BIBLE) (any other supposedly spiritual work that is the Absolute Truth) is way beyond me thats for sure. One thing Amanda is that you can probably be assured that the J>W> will keep on coming as long as you allow them entry. Amazing how some folks feel teh "need" to save everyone else wouldnt yousay? Hey thanks for sharing yoiur video with us. Sure hope youand yours have an extrordinary weekend.

  2. Hi Captron. I suspect you're right. I heard they've got some sort of quota/points system, where they get credit for time spent "witnessing", making it through the door, etc. I've been meaning to ask them about it. I do think they showed up in that storm knowing it wouldn't be socially decent to not let them inside. It was a really bad one. It caused landslides that closed the Island Highway, and the road to Holberg and Winter Harbour was out for a week. Thanks, I hope you (and yours) have a lovely weekend as well.
    In Lak'ech.

  3. First, thank you for vlogging, it was really nice to see you again. You look well! Better than when I last saw you, actually ... it seems country living agrees with you :)

    JWs can be a serious pain. The problem with engaging them in debate is that it's kind of like feeding the trolls ... just encourages them to come back for more. They don't see it as an intellectual debate, more like something they have to do in order to access heaven according to their multi-level marketing scam cum religious movement.

    I made the mistake myself one time of engaging them. In Tokyo no less, where they're surprisingly active! The first time they came by I made up a somewhat absurd sci-fi religion on the spot (Omegism, loosely based on Frank Tipler's weird vision) and wasted twenty minutes of their time telling them about it. By the time they were able to get a word in edge-wise and ask if I'd like to see some of their own scripture I demurred, as I had to get to work.

    They showed up several times after ... different groups often, but I suspected that my apartment might have been marked on a map in the cult's church basement given the frequency. They finally stopped after making the catastrophic mistake of awakening me at the tender hour of 11:00 am on my day off. I answered the door in my bath robe and upon identifying themselves and asking if I'd like to talk about Jesus, I grinned, said "Not really," and opened wide my robe to reveal my nudity in all its shameless, pallid, furry glory.

    I closed the door on their gaping mouths, went back to bed, and was never troubled by them again.

    Of course, a storm is a very different thing and you definitely did the right thing in this situation because after all, they are human beings first. Who knows? Maybe something you said will have an effect ... open a door for their minds. It's always unlikely but sometimes I wonder if it's becoming less so ... if as the great Weirding of terrestrial reality progresses, those of us who have long been at home in the weird will have an easier time breaking through to those trapped by the matrix.

  4. Hi Psychegram.
    Thanks, that first vlog was sort of a trial run. I'll probably take it down when I make a new one. I certainly have no wish to engage with JWs online. They haven't returned as yet, but if they do, it will be the last time. I can think of better uses for my time than participating in irrational discussions. If reason is officially off the table, then so is my patience. Your story is hilarious. It's really amazing how nothing one can say seems to shock them. I told them that I thought their god was an insane, demonic imposter and they barely blinked. I have heard before that full frontal nudity is an effective JW-repellant, but I really hope it won't be necessary.
    I hope you enjoy your holidays, and happy belated birthday!

  5. Thank you! My solstice-season mushroom-inspired midwinter celebration was lovely, although there were no mushrooms anywhere but in the scrambled eggs, sadly. How was yours?

  6. Our thingy was low-key, and nice over all, thanks. Too much rich food, but no mushrooms here either, except for the ones growing on the lawn.