Friday, August 26, 2011

Summer? What Summer?

This so-called summer has been the worst I can remember. Ever. Chris has started calling it "sum-week" because we've only had that many warm (not hot, mind you) days. Global warming, my ass! These pictures were taken in mid-April:

This is Port Hardy. Snow is normally rare here in the winter.
By the middle of August, the blackberries are usually ripe to bursting. Here they are as of today:

Every time we do have a sunny day, we get this:

See how they spread:

WTF! And less than an hour later, we've got this:

This happens all the time. It's not like Port Hardy has a big, busy airport. It is puny. It can't even accommodate a jet. Yesterday, Chris saw chemtrails in the sky at 5:00 AM. It was still dark. I find it hard to believe that commercial flights out of Port Hardy would start so early. This sucks.


  1. You tell them honey; sumweek is mostly the result assholes in planes carelessly doing the bidding of their masters.

  2. Something's definitely up.

    This article is worth a read for its very interesting take on the chemtrail phenomenon:

  3. Hi Psychegram. Thanks for the link. I read the article, and it certainly is a different way of explaining the phenomenon. There's a guy who lives near here, used to be an engineer for a big aerospace company in the USA. I met him at a Christmas party and he was dropping dark hints about spraying. In spite of my persistent nagging though, he wouldn't provide any details. Of course, I have no proof that he was telling the truth.
    It reminds me of other subjects, like ETs, crop circles, 911, etc. where the pieces just won't fit neatly. In those areas, we almost have to postulate multiple causes and motives. All I can say for sure is: prior to the '80s, whatever it is wasn't happening and now it is. The idea that there exists such a wide-spread program of spraying, just seems incredible. If that is going on, it must be very, very important. The cloud cover that results from the ?-trails produces a significant cooling effect. This has made me wonder if it's meant to be some sort of shield.

  4. In the UK we had high summer in April. Right now it's back to average for the time of year: warm and rainy. But April was mental.

    I am not a great believer in 'chemtrails'. But did you know that in the three days after the Twin Towers event when there was a no-fly zone across the entire US, they say the temperature rose significantly above would be expected from the weather?

  5. Hi Speedbird. Safe to say the weather is weird and getting weirder everywhere. It wouldn't surprise me if the atmosphere is changing. Both the ?-trails and the strange weather are increasing and may well be connected in some way. Maybe they have a common cause, or one causes the other, or maybe one is a response to the other. Something is going on though. I was born in '66, and I spent a lot of time looking at the sky when I was younger. I often saw planes, but they never made long vapour trails that lingered and spread.

  6. Well, on a technical note, modern engines burn much hotter and cleaner than engines from the 70's, so it is possible that the vapour trails (a safe nomenclature?) behave quite differently in the upper atmosphere. I would guess that it would be due to a reduced particulate (soot) content, though there's also probably more nitrogen oxides (but don't quote me on that).

    On an utterly conspiratorial note, who's to say what's in the fuel? :)

  7. Now I'm even more confused. I was of the understanding that particulate is required for the water to condense abound, so wouldn't cleaner burning fuel leave fewer trails? Also, I should have mentioned that all the planes over-flying Port Hardy are small planes that don't venture into the upper atmosphere.

  8. Small planes are a different story, feasibility-wise. If you're dispersing chemical weapons, they're a lot more likely to hit their target. Crop-spraying is still fairly common in agricultural areas.

    One interesting possibility, regarding larger planes, is that there is some connection to electronics, avionics in particular but possibly ground-based electronics, too. Microprocessors are starting to get small, and subject to solar radiation outbursts. A trail of aluminum or barium particles might serve as a lightning rod, protecting the planes as they traverse the upper atmosphere. And the consequences for the biome below?

    Feh, would be TPTB's respone. But don't tell the proles. Imagine their reaction if they found out that their electronics would require a constant airborne net of nanoparticles, with unknown consequences for their and the world's health?

    The scary thing is, I bet there's lots who would take that deal....

    All that said ... whatever's happening here on Earth clearly involves much more than just the Earth, and the beings on it. There are cosmic connections to all phenomena, but some more direct than others and chemtrails may well be one of them.

  9. Hi Psychegram. I don't like reporting intuitive information because so much can go wrong, like faulty reception or interpretation, but if I did say what I sense it to be, I'd say it's a shield. It may be to hide something or to keep something out, cosmic rays perhaps, especially if those rays might affect our DNA or consciousness, or electronics. This report seems to support the idea.

  10. Must be thirty years ago I first heard of cloud seeding to affect rainfall patterns. They said the Russians would do it to ensure good weather for State events and suchlike.