Friday, August 19, 2011

All I Ask

Looking the other way is harder than it used to be. The fascist, psychopathic pedophiles who rule the world don't even bother to hide their crimes any more. On the other hand, they probably feel pretty secure in the knowledge that most people would rather not see them. This refusal to see is no different from the attitude of the German people who failed to notice the Nazis' attempted genocide, or the woman who looked the other way while her husband was fucking the kids. The psychological maneuver known as denial isn't the same as total ignorance. Denial is when we avert our eyes to avoid acknowledging what we know. It is a form of consent.

A close relative of mine is like this. I asked her why. She said, "I don't want to know this stuff because there's nothing I can do about it". I suspect her answer is very typical. What these human ostriches don't seem to understand is: if everybody knew what was going on, it couldn't. That's all I would ask of any one. Just see. You don't have to martyr yourself. That wouldn't help anyway. It would just deplete our collective strength. It's true, one person alone can't free the world from the clutches of the control system. (That's a good thing actually.) But...

One person can free their own mind. One person can make a choice to withdraw their loyalty to the system, to refuse to lift a finger to defend it, to stop policing their fellow humans on it's behalf. One person can psychologically prepare themselves to let it go. One person can stop parroting MSM propaganda and start telling the truth in public. One person can choose to become a responsible and sovereign being, an adult in a meaningful sense. One person can begin to imagine a better way.

No one else can do these things for you. Only you can. When enough of us do, things will change for the better. TPTB could never rule us through force alone. Of course, the first and absolutely necessary step in solving any problem, is seeing that there is a problem and figuring out what it is. It is up to the individual to face the need for change. In a very real way, only you can save the world.

There is reason for hope. People resort to denial because it is too painful for them to give conscious consent. That means, if they knew the truth, they couldn't willingly serve the control system anymore. That's why they avert their eyes. It's not because they haven't got a conscience; it's because they still do. Yes, it hurts when you realise what foul abominations your ignorance has made you party to, past and present. I know it hurts your pride to have to admit that you have been, and still are, enslaved. But your willingness to face that pain is the sole thing that can end the horror show.

There is something you can do, something only you can do. You can look and you can see. Then you can search your own heart and make an inner choice. Please, please, please. It's all I ask.
In Lak'ech.


  1. *stands up. applauds wildly*

    I've been trying to say this to people for years. It is now getting to the point that there is almost nothing else to say, really ... at least to those who refuse to see. Their deliberate blindness is getting to be like the hallucinating incoherence of a street person stumbling through a quiet conversation amongst friends at a coffee shop ... it's not that you blame the individual for being whacked out on drugs, it's just that the choice of time and venue is completely inappropriate and, you know, every time you see that person they're wasted. At any rate holding any kind of real conversation with them is clearly not in the cards ... they're in their own world.

    There is so much more to say between those who See, for they can get on with the business of engaging with the Real and together with it, creating the future by awakening the fruits of their imagination within it.

    If only there were more of us.

  2. Hi Psikigram. It's great to hear from you. It really is like life among the Eloi. It's worse. H.G.Wells' Eloi were, at least, well-fed and comfortable; most modern people don't even have that. The distance between sane and normal has become nearly unbridgable. I'm concerned about the psychological consequences for those still in denial when the truth can no longer be avoided. I mean, I've had years to prepare, and adjust my world view. I wonder if most people's minds could survive the shock if they had to do it in a week or a day. Then again, they'll have more support because they didn't have to go first.

    There's a great debate amongst those who support a change over inner VS outer focus. As I see it, both are needed but inner change has to come first and be the basis of any physical action, or else this will be just like all the other failed revolutions, which we know were nothing but casting and scenery changes.

    I've been working in a pub, which allows me to talk to a lot of people, and I know I've made some in-roads because I've later heard people repeating things I've said to them. I guess my blogging helps a bit too. I truly don't know what else to do except hold the new vibration and wait.

    It bothers me when some people within the truth movement accuse others of not doing enough. Any efforts whatsoever in the direction of truth are hugely valuable, not to mention, difficult. I think we've got more than enough to deal with, without hurling guilt-bombs at each other. That's what I really wanted to say with this post, that the willingness to see is enough, at least for now.
    In Lak'ech.

  3. It's always surprising to see how much of an effect you can have on the world-views of those in your life ... heartening, too, especially when it comes at times of deepest despair ... when it seems that all our efforts are for nought.

    The consequences for those determined to stay in denial are, I fear, quite simple. The world will kill them. Periodic waves of activation move through the universe, stimulating evolution along the wavefront ... those aspects of local universe that have fallen out of synch with the cosmic vibration, simply disintegrate ... those that maintain harmony, are strengthened.

    Be strong.