Saturday, July 10, 2010

What Is Missing?

I was going to write a different blog. The subject was to have been "the machine". I'd planned to take the machine apart to see how it works and what it does and why. These questions had been nagging me for months. I felt that the answers were so close, but that something was missing. Now it turns out that that was the answer; something is missing. All manifestations of darkness have this in common. They are nothing real in themselves. They are the absence of something real. They are shadows cast by the Light, the places where Light is not. If the missing Light were restored, the shadows would simply disappear.

Consider the so-called Illuminati, one of the darkest of dark shadows. They exist because something is missing in them. That thing is love. If they were to personally experience universal, unconditional love, they could no longer be what they are. That's how powerful and necessary love is. That's what we're meant to see and know.

Imagine a little fish, swimming in the ocean. The fish has never left the water, and so he doesn't notice or value it. One day a net catches the fish and lifts it out of the water. Now the fish feels terrible pain and fear. He has never known such suffering before and he can't think of anything else. Maybe he thinks that he is being punished. Then a miracle; he finds himself back in the ocean. Now he knows what water is, he knows that he can't live without it, and he loves it with his whole being. He tries to tell the other fishes about the water but they don't know what he's talking about. Now he realises that what happened to him was not a punishment, or even a misfortune, but the most precious of gifts.

The appearance of darkness exists in service to the Light. It truly is a gift. Many people do not see the darkness. For example, there are many who are blind to the existence and activities of the "Illuminati". Their ignorance makes them servants of that darkness because they do not see what it does. You can try to tell them but they won't listen because they don't want to suffer. (Remember the little fish; he wouldn't have chosen to be taken from the water if he knew how much it would hurt.) But since they don't see what the absence of love really looks like, they do not understand what love is, or know it's true value. They may think that love is nice, but not that important. Surely not as important as material comfort, for instance. It's would be a mistake to feel hatred, or anything but pity, for one who has been so cheated of Truth.

We are spiritual beings and we need the Light, the same way that little fish needs water. But until we've experienced the darkness, we can't really know or love the Light. The darkness is not there to punish us. It is a blessing in disguise. It's there to show us what's missing. With darkness, there's always something missing. There is always an aspect of the Light, a Truth, whose presence would make that darkness impossible. The question that needs to be asked of every dark reflection is: "What is missing?" That one question will never fail to reveal the way back to Truth and Light.


  1. Thank you.

    under the shadow of the moon i have walked; now i know and love Light the more.

    The solar eclipse (7/11) saw my first ever panic attack. Full-blown living nightmare. And you are right: it was a gift.

  2. Hi BCth. Wow, some very stormy weather for you lately, eh?. Sounds like you're doing something that's scaring the bejezus out of your false ego. Well, you would, wouldn't you? :)
    I had stopped paying attention to eclipses, as I've never been able to notice any effects from them before. I actually didn't know one was about to occur until after I posted this blog and the previous one (both of which have pictures of solar eclipses). Strange. This particular eclipse definitely seems significant, though. This last month has felt unusually intense and weird energetically, like the matrix is becoming unstable. More and more, it's like being between worlds.