Saturday, May 1, 2010


It's been a whole month since I posted anything, but I haven't abandoned my blog or died. My family and I are in the middle of a big change. It could be a week before I get the Internet back. Two weeks ago, my partner lost his job, and the next day, our landlady told us that the apartment we live in had been sold and we would have to move. My son also wrote his final school exam yesterday. I've been wanting to leave Vancouver for some years now. It's just too expensive to live here. Not only that, but there's the chem-trails and the pervasive EM pollution, among other things. My intuition told me that, when the right time arrived, I would know. I don't think the signs could be any clearer.
So tomorrow, we'll be leaving for our new home at the north end of Vancouver Island, near Port Hardy. The new place has fruit trees and wild raspberries, and we've a green light to plant a garden! I can't complain about the $750.+ reduction in rent either. I'm really looking forward to this change. It's a big one though. We're going from a city of 2 million + people to a town of about 150! I have to stop writing now; there's still so much to do....


  1. Good luck in Port Hardy, I hear it's nice.

    I know the Vancouver blues--- the apartment I have here in Trail today is a hundred thirty dollars less than the one I left in Kitsilano in 1996. It's six hundred dollars less than the apartment I left in Edmonton.

    Large cities have fewer and fewer redeeming qualities. Look up at the clear night in Port Hardy and there's a good one.

  2. Congratulations on pulling such a wonderful change out of what most people would have interpreted as the world taking a crap on your head. I hope the move goes smoothly! Enjoy your new life in the country! You guys are definitely ready for it.

  3. Lukiftian, thanks. I could't agree more. It's hard to think of anything I'll really miss about Vancouver (except Hon's Wonton House). It used to be so different when I moved there in the '80s. It used to have a soul, but now it's just a rat-race. It takes all of most people's energy just to survive now, and it shows.
    Psychegram, thanks for your encouragement and kind wishes. It didn't go smoothly, unfortunately (see update). Actually, it was like we had an evil wizard oppposing us, like in Lord of the Rings LOL. The update is only a brief account and it was far worse than that. I almost doubted the wisdom of our choice at times. But we have emerged triumphant!