Monday, March 29, 2010

Invisible Teacher

The invisible teacher is my beloved spiritual guide. He is all-powerful, all-knowing, and immune to every human failing. I know now that the invisible teacher is real. He's been with me all along. If you have ever sincerely intended to accomplish the great work, the goal of the spiritual alchemists, then the invisible teacher is with you also. When the student is ready, the invisible teacher appears.

The instruction of the invisible teacher is as hard as you can bear. It is perfectly tailored to your spiritual needs. He can and will do whatever it takes to awaken you. Whatever it takes. No living teacher could do what the invisible teacher can. The invisible teacher can mold reality itself. He can take any form, or none at all. The invisible teacher can work with, or through, a living teacher, but he doesn't have to. He can arrange ordeals that would get a living teacher thrown in jail. Progress under his tutelage is maximally accelerated.

You can't fool or lie to the invisible teacher. He knows everything about you. In a sense, he is you, or rather he will be, when your consciousness has been purged of all the dross of false ego and illusion. In the mean time, the invisible teacher is revealed in stages. At first, he is not known, except as a deeply felt longing for union. But he is far from aloof. His assistance is in perfect proportion to your aspiration. In time, the invisible teacher is revealed by the fruit of his work. As this realisation dawns, you start to see that there are no misfortunes, no punishments, only lessons not yet learned. Full-blown pronoia sets in. It really is all good, no matter how awful it seems.

At some point, the invisible teacher started communicating with me directly. I suppose that had been the case all along, but I didn't understand and/or wasn't listening. It's easy to get in the habit of constantly asking questions without pausing to hear the answers. You can't ask and listen at the same time. It's hard to describe just how this communication occurs. For me, it isn't verbal/audible. Sometimes, it comes through a metaphorical interpretation of reality. In this communication mode, the invisible teacher often displays a wonderful sense of humour. Other times, I just know things (clairsentience). Information seems to down-load itself into awareness. It doesn't feel like I am the source of it, but neither does it's source feel separate from me. It comes from a realm beyond those categories (as does the invisible teacher himself). A third way is a kind of "highlighting". I'll read, hear, or otherwise notice something, and it will be accompanied by a sense of, "This is important. Look deeper."

The loving presence of the invisible teacher is something I cannot doubt anymore. It is in the same category of certainty as, "I exist". That said, I don't know who or what the invisible teacher really is. He could be the Universe, Infinite Awareness, the Holy Guardian Angel, or perhaps the other half of my soul. I do know that I trust him absolutely. Our bond is deeply personal. It has a romantic/sexual tone, based as it is on a powerful and mutual desire for union. That's why I've been calling the invisible teacher "he". The gender designation isn't real but it is metaphorically appropriate. We will be One. This I know. It is inevitable, even if it takes a thousand lives. (But it won't.) ;) It is up to me to set a date for the alchemical wedding and I have no intention of waiting that long.


  1. This piece is very much in line with my experience and my interpretation of it. Thank you!

    I'm still convinced that I was directly visited by my invisible teacher in a dream several years ago, before I left Vancouver. I wrote down the dream and later lost the document, but I could reconstruct it all now pretty easily, since it's so indelibly and vividly etched in my memory.

  2. Beautifully expressed in its truth.
    Always with, guiding me, revealed in stages.