Monday, November 30, 2009

The Future is Now

One would have to be extremely naive to think that TPTB are not using disinformation techniques to confuse and manipulate those who are trying to expose them. If your bullshit detector is still functioning, you know this. The form of disinfo that is most easily recognised is false information coming from "leaks" who are double agents, or perhaps researchers whose real loyalty is to the control system. There are also subtler forms that are more difficult to see.

I've recently noticed a form of disinformation that consists of getting people to fear what has already occurred. The control system derives a double benefit from this technique. The first benefit consists of being able to prolong a state of fear indefinitely. Once the worst has already happened, fear goes away. Someone who has a terminal illness is no longer afraid of getting sick. A person who's just gone bankrupt is free of the fear of loss. David Icke doesn't worry about being laughed at. Once something has happened, we forget about fear and start thinking about solutions. Certainly, TPTB would want to prevent this. The second benefit of this technique is that it blinds it's victims to their true condition. No one is more truly a slave than one who believes himself free.

For example, there is much information currently circulating about electronic mind-control. I'm not saying the information is false. I don't believe it is false. However, RFID implants, HAARP technology, etc., are the icing on a cake that has already been baked and served. The fact is, those who know about such things are in no real danger from them. I would never allow myself to be chipped and if I heard a voice in my head telling me to "obey", I'd know it wasn't God. The only people for whom these things are a threat are already mind-controlled. The ultimate electronic mind-control device has been in widespread use for several decades. It's called television.

After you've been watching TV for a surprisingly short period of time, your brain starts producing Alpha waves instead of the Beta waves of normal consciousness. You are actually in a hypnotic trance. Then you receive your programs. What you see on TV is controlled by a tiny handful of super-wealthy sociopaths. There is rarely any need for these individuals to directly control the programming. They simply hire underlings who share their point of view. And those underlings hire similar ones, and so on. Sometimes somebody steps out of line, but they are swiftly dealt with (Rosie O'Donnell) and serve as examples for the rest.

TV is full of personalities and content that normalise stupidity, venality, materialism, paranoia and cringing deference to authority. The point is to give the impression that everybody else is like this, so you should be too if you want to fit in and be normal. It then becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. Worst of all are the news programs. The news carries very little, if any, factual information. What there is, is carefully chosen and molded for a desired effect. Most of the content consists of telling you what you should believe, do and buy. All "debate" is circumscribed. It is widely assumed that most research in the field of psychology is pure science or therapeutics. Not so. The vast majority is devoted to advertising and propaganda. We're talking billions, if not trillions of dollars. And all this money was not spent in vain.

TV is the perfect mind-control technology because it is addictive. Once you start watching it, it's very hard to stop. You keep watching even though there's "nothing on". No one has to force you to. People will spend ridiculous amounts of their own money for the privilege. At least some of TV's addictive potential results from commands in the programming. "Stay tuned!" "Don't go away." The most amazing thing, and surely the most wonderful from the point of view of the control system, is that no one seems to notice or care about any of this. If you try to warn people, they just laugh. They don't believe it. Everyone thinks they are immune, but no one really is. TV is what makes all the other assaults on our humanity possible and ultimately, inevitable. The bad news is that electronic mind-control is already here. The good news is that electronic mind-control is already here. We can now stop worrying and start focusing on solutions.

Suggestions for fighting electronic mind-control:
1. Stop watching TV.
-It's not as hard as you think. Just call up the cable company and cancel your service. Sadly, will power isn't usually enough. If you have kids, do it for their sake.
2. Warn others.
-Here are some helpful resources: How Television Affects Your Brain Chemistry, Mind-control Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own, TV Mind-control For Dummies, TV Is Mind-control, The Hypnotic Effects of Television, The Mass Effect, Effects Of TV on the Brain
3. Cultivate a pitying expression for other people whose conversation revolves around TV programs.
-Those who are most affected by TV brainwashing are also very sensitive to the opinions of others. You can help them by refusing to validate their addiction. You could even tell them flat out that you choose not to engage in a co-dependent relationship. Humour always works better than preaching.


  1. Indeed humor. I like reading subtext in drama, and study of the scenic design, and the props. I also get a kick out of watching Glenn Beck with the sound off. I thought I was watching Don Lepre. Chicken Little's disingenuous acorn. The Don Lepre of left wing conspiracy. The Don Lepre of jingoism.

  2. Seriously, YouTube links? ;-)

  3. Hi Strangerland. Yeah, I'm a big fan of comedic protest. Laughter breaches resistence like anger never can. It gets talked about as well and spreads that way. I had an idea for a flu shot protest that unfortunately I don't have the funds to implement. I thought it would be fun to have t-shirts printed with a large photo of a guinea pig and the caption, "I got the Shot!" Then stand on a corner downtown and give them away "as a thank you from Glaxosmithkline".

  4. Hi Speedbird. lol. All the links are to Youtube videos because TV addicts are very often people who don't like to read. A much better resource on the subject is a book called, "Four Arguments For The Elimination of Television", by Jerry Mander.

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