Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bad Dreams

I keep coming across people who believe that Jose Arguelles' Dreamspell calendar is the sacred calendar of the Maya. It's not. The Mayan sacred calendar is a continuously repeating cycle of 260 days, called the Tzolkin. The Quiche Maya of Guatemala have kept the count accurately to this day. This has been confirmed by independent correlation with historical texts. The Tzolkin is an important part of the Maya's spiritual heritage. I have greatly benefited from their wisdom. It angers me to see their traditions abused.

Then along comes Arguelles, who claims to be the reincarnation of a priest called Pacal Votan. He invents his own calendar system, the Dreamspell, and claims that it is Mayan and that it is symbolically meaningful. It isn't. He utilises the Tzolkin glyphs and assigns them meanings that are recognisably derived from traditional sources. This has resulted in massive confusion. I don't have a problem with Arguelles inventing a new calendar. I do have a problem with his theft and misuse of the Tzolkin symbols. I really have tried to cut him some slack and not condemn his actions unfairly. But it is undeniable that he has profited from the misrepresentation of an indigenous sacred tradition and the credulity of a bunch of new age flakes. He has failed, if he even tried, to rectify the situation.

Intuitively, I sense that the Dreamspell is actually harmful in a vibrational sense. It carries and manifests the energy of it's inventor's egomania. This energy affects those who follow and promote it. Followers of the Dreamspell often become very attached to their "galactic signatures", to the point where they are willing to defend it over the true sacred cycle. It seems to have acquired some sort of vibrational power from the mental energy of it's followers. This accumulated power holds those who use it in a deviant egoic pattern. If you have been sucked into this vortex, I would strongly recommend that you withdraw your energy from it. There is no shame in having been lied to, only in defending the lie after it has been exposed.

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  1. Yeah, I followed Dreamspell for a month or so, just to try it out. Got a weird vibe off of it though and dropped it. Here's the thing: it's extremely systematic: Arguelles is basically taking esoteric traditions from all over the place and wedding them to the Mayan calender, which sounds kind of cool except it becomes a hell of a time sink if you actually take the time to do all the visualizations, meditations, oracles, and such that it requires. What's more is it's a time sink that's specifically targeting your spiritual nature, even explicitly coopting the chakras into a 'neurochip' (if I remember the terminology correctly.)

    Meanwhile, the authentic Mayan calender requires nothing more than the daily acknowledgement of paired archetypal energies and dynamics, associational webs of meaning that you let percolate in the back of your mind. It's a far more intuitive approach and that says it all right there.

  2. You're bang on, Psychegram. The Dreamspell system smashes Occam's razor all to hell. Pseudo-spiritual types seem to prefer complexity though, as long as it's not too deep. One thing I didn't know about the dreamspell is that it skips a day every leap year, so the count is broken. 2008 was a leap year and when I entered Feb. 29, 08 into their calculator, it said that it was not a valid date. LOL.
    When you say you got a weird vibe off it, I wonder, did it feel a bit like your energy was being vampirised? Also did you sense a strong egoic attachment to your "galactic signature"? I never followed the Dreamspell myself, but those were my intuitive perceptions of it. I came across this article: ,from a link that someone posted on Evolver. In it, the writer actually says: "Then...along came the Classical mayan calender. Just as western astrology is divided (the siderealists vs the traditional), so is the mayan calendar community. I wondered how the Classical mayan calendar would fit into the big picture for me. I was not about to give up being a White Crystal Mirror (my Dreamspell Galactic Signature) for anything!" Makes you wonder.

  3. Speaking strictly for myself, I found my own 'galactic signature' to be a bit baffling. Conversely when I learned my actual Mayan birthsign I was like, oh! Yep, that's me. Ditto for others I've checked up against it.

    Seems to me that Dreamspell is a test in discernment. Telling which calender is 'real' cannot be done through rational means ... one must rely solely on one's own intuition. It's not a hard test , hell, the name says it all: 'dream spell', I mean come on! It practically out and tells you that it's purpose is to cast a spell on you and draw you deeper into the dream, rather than liberate you from the spell that's already been cast and wake you up.