Monday, November 30, 2009

The Future is Now

One would have to be extremely naive to think that TPTB are not using disinformation techniques to confuse and manipulate those who are trying to expose them. If your bullshit detector is still functioning, you know this. The form of disinfo that is most easily recognised is false information coming from "leaks" who are double agents, or perhaps researchers whose real loyalty is to the control system. There are also subtler forms that are more difficult to see.

I've recently noticed a form of disinformation that consists of getting people to fear what has already occurred. The control system derives a double benefit from this technique. The first benefit consists of being able to prolong a state of fear indefinitely. Once the worst has already happened, fear goes away. Someone who has a terminal illness is no longer afraid of getting sick. A person who's just gone bankrupt is free of the fear of loss. David Icke doesn't worry about being laughed at. Once something has happened, we forget about fear and start thinking about solutions. Certainly, TPTB would want to prevent this. The second benefit of this technique is that it blinds it's victims to their true condition. No one is more truly a slave than one who believes himself free.

For example, there is much information currently circulating about electronic mind-control. I'm not saying the information is false. I don't believe it is false. However, RFID implants, HAARP technology, etc., are the icing on a cake that has already been baked and served. The fact is, those who know about such things are in no real danger from them. I would never allow myself to be chipped and if I heard a voice in my head telling me to "obey", I'd know it wasn't God. The only people for whom these things are a threat are already mind-controlled. The ultimate electronic mind-control device has been in widespread use for several decades. It's called television.

After you've been watching TV for a surprisingly short period of time, your brain starts producing Alpha waves instead of the Beta waves of normal consciousness. You are actually in a hypnotic trance. Then you receive your programs. What you see on TV is controlled by a tiny handful of super-wealthy sociopaths. There is rarely any need for these individuals to directly control the programming. They simply hire underlings who share their point of view. And those underlings hire similar ones, and so on. Sometimes somebody steps out of line, but they are swiftly dealt with (Rosie O'Donnell) and serve as examples for the rest.

TV is full of personalities and content that normalise stupidity, venality, materialism, paranoia and cringing deference to authority. The point is to give the impression that everybody else is like this, so you should be too if you want to fit in and be normal. It then becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. Worst of all are the news programs. The news carries very little, if any, factual information. What there is, is carefully chosen and molded for a desired effect. Most of the content consists of telling you what you should believe, do and buy. All "debate" is circumscribed. It is widely assumed that most research in the field of psychology is pure science or therapeutics. Not so. The vast majority is devoted to advertising and propaganda. We're talking billions, if not trillions of dollars. And all this money was not spent in vain.

TV is the perfect mind-control technology because it is addictive. Once you start watching it, it's very hard to stop. You keep watching even though there's "nothing on". No one has to force you to. People will spend ridiculous amounts of their own money for the privilege. At least some of TV's addictive potential results from commands in the programming. "Stay tuned!" "Don't go away." The most amazing thing, and surely the most wonderful from the point of view of the control system, is that no one seems to notice or care about any of this. If you try to warn people, they just laugh. They don't believe it. Everyone thinks they are immune, but no one really is. TV is what makes all the other assaults on our humanity possible and ultimately, inevitable. The bad news is that electronic mind-control is already here. The good news is that electronic mind-control is already here. We can now stop worrying and start focusing on solutions.

Suggestions for fighting electronic mind-control:
1. Stop watching TV.
-It's not as hard as you think. Just call up the cable company and cancel your service. Sadly, will power isn't usually enough. If you have kids, do it for their sake.
2. Warn others.
-Here are some helpful resources: How Television Affects Your Brain Chemistry, Mind-control Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own, TV Mind-control For Dummies, TV Is Mind-control, The Hypnotic Effects of Television, The Mass Effect, Effects Of TV on the Brain
3. Cultivate a pitying expression for other people whose conversation revolves around TV programs.
-Those who are most affected by TV brainwashing are also very sensitive to the opinions of others. You can help them by refusing to validate their addiction. You could even tell them flat out that you choose not to engage in a co-dependent relationship. Humour always works better than preaching.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Mind Killer

There is fear, and then there is fear. English is funny that way. I am constantly amazed at the way English manages to have so many words and yet be so frustratingly imprecise. Consider words like "love", "God", "soul", "self", "ego", etc. All have so many different meanings that we can't even coherently discuss them without first agreeing on a definition. If this time-consuming step is omitted, our conversations become incoherent and circular. English doesn't seem to have been designed for thinking about immaterial realities. Maybe that's why the control system prefers it.

"Fear" is yet another example of an overburdened word. In one sense it refers to an instinctive function: the "fight or flight" response. This is animal fear. The statement, "fear is your friend" relates to this definition. This is the kind of fear that helps you survive. It mobilises your resources in response to real threats. This kind of fear makes you hyper-alert and responsive. If we act on this natural type of fear, it quickly subsides. If we don't, or can't, the result is stress.

A second definition refers to egoic fear. Animals never experience this unless they are socially bonded with humans. Worry, dread and shame are examples of egoic fear. This kind of fear is not your friend. The statement, "fear is the opposite of love," relates to this definition. The easiest way to spot the difference is by noticing the effects. Egoic fear is characterised by mental confusion and paralysis. It is far more likely to get you killed than help you survive. Acting on egoic fear doesn't make it go away, it only makes it stronger. From here on, in this post, I'm going to be using the second definition.
Some pertinent questions spring to mind. Where does this fear come from? What is it's purpose? How can it be dealt with? I'm going to suggest answers to all of these. If anyone has alternative explanations, I sincerely welcome them. Normally, I go out of my way to qualify my statements to avoid implying certainty when I'm discussing a theory. Please be on notice that I intend to drop this policy for the sake of brevity. However, what I'm about to say is still theory. It remains open to being revised or disproved.
1. Where does fear come from?
Humans exist in symbiotic relationship with parasitic entities. They hide their presence from us by pretending to be us. They refer to themselves as "I" and they are what I've been calling "false ego", or sometimes just "ego". (I'm aware that the word "ego" also refers to one's individuality, but I'm not using it in that sense.) Fear could be called the aura of the parasite. It is it's natural vibrational state. The entity derives all it's energy from the awareness of it's host. It feeds itself by inducing it's host to attend to it's vibration and give it their energy. The more it succeeds in doing this, the stronger it becomes.
2. What is fear's purpose?
From the perspective of the entity, the purpose of fear is to generate a food source. From the perspective of the human host, it is to provide us with an challenge. We can make a useful analogy with a computer game. The game provides the player with an opponent and the point is to overcome the opponent and win the game. In the process we develop knowledge and powers that we didn't have before. The opponent is designed and programmed to try to beat you in whatever way it can. A really good game adversary will even have the ability to learn from what you do, and adapt it's strategy to yours. The entities behave in exactly this way. Understanding this allows one to play to win without resenting the adversary.
3. How can it be dealt with?
The number one strategy of the entity is inducing you to identify with it. So the most effective counter-strategy is disidentification. This is easier once you learn to spot the difference between a natural fear response (fight or flight) and that caused by the entity's presence. When you sense the presence of fear, ask yourself how it feels. Does it sharpen you up, make you hyper-alert and ready for action? If the answer is no, you are dealing with the entity. The entity will try to trick you by providing you with a "hook" to hang it's fear on. It knows that humans will instinctively try to make sense of their experience. We want the fear to have a reason and we're not that picky about what it is. This is how irrational prejudices and phobias are born. Realise that the fear is not yours. The presence of fear is an indication that the entity feels threatened and/or hungry. It means you're winning the game. It helps to remind yourself of this.
The above counter-strategy will be effective if you can also refrain from getting angry and resentful. Angry resentment is very close to fear in a vibrational sense. So it's important to remember that your adversary is only doing what it was designed and programmed to do. It isn't connected to Source like you are. The entities are like the agents in "The Matrix", semi-sentient programs. You are the one who agreed to play the game and you were given an opponent worthy of your potential. Do you really want to play with an opponent who just lets you win and doesn't even try to beat you?
One other thing. Be patient. You're not going to win every skirmish. Anyone who's been lucky enough to learn chess from a master knows, you almost never win... at first. If you ever want to be as good as your opponent, you'll have to put up with getting beat over and over and over again. It's the same with video games. No one expects to succeed on the first try. That's just the way it is, and that's the way we wanted it. So try not to get discouraged by an initial lack of success. Ability comes from practice and every failure has a lesson to teach.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bad Dreams

I keep coming across people who believe that Jose Arguelles' Dreamspell calendar is the sacred calendar of the Maya. It's not. The Mayan sacred calendar is a continuously repeating cycle of 260 days, called the Tzolkin. The Quiche Maya of Guatemala have kept the count accurately to this day. This has been confirmed by independent correlation with historical texts. The Tzolkin is an important part of the Maya's spiritual heritage. I have greatly benefited from their wisdom. It angers me to see their traditions abused.

Then along comes Arguelles, who claims to be the reincarnation of a priest called Pacal Votan. He invents his own calendar system, the Dreamspell, and claims that it is Mayan and that it is symbolically meaningful. It isn't. He utilises the Tzolkin glyphs and assigns them meanings that are recognisably derived from traditional sources. This has resulted in massive confusion. I don't have a problem with Arguelles inventing a new calendar. I do have a problem with his theft and misuse of the Tzolkin symbols. I really have tried to cut him some slack and not condemn his actions unfairly. But it is undeniable that he has profited from the misrepresentation of an indigenous sacred tradition and the credulity of a bunch of new age flakes. He has failed, if he even tried, to rectify the situation.

Intuitively, I sense that the Dreamspell is actually harmful in a vibrational sense. It carries and manifests the energy of it's inventor's egomania. This energy affects those who follow and promote it. Followers of the Dreamspell often become very attached to their "galactic signatures", to the point where they are willing to defend it over the true sacred cycle. It seems to have acquired some sort of vibrational power from the mental energy of it's followers. This accumulated power holds those who use it in a deviant egoic pattern. If you have been sucked into this vortex, I would strongly recommend that you withdraw your energy from it. There is no shame in having been lied to, only in defending the lie after it has been exposed.

The Hidden Agenda of the Dreamspell calendar
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Monday, November 16, 2009

Global Asylum

"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
"Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat: "we're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad."
"How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice.
"You must be," said the Cat, "or you wouldn't have come here."

I know what you're all probably thinking. How does 13 Muluc manage to be so totally sane? LOL. Seriously though, don't we all think we're the sanest person on the planet, or at least in the top 10? The sad truth is that almost no one really is. I'm not. Nor are you. There are probably a few enlightened beings floating around who are. Maybe we could have been sane, if things had been different. As it is, the best we can hope for is to be moving in the right general direction. In practice, it is more useful to think of sanity as a continuum, rather than a category. At least then we can avoid the trap of prematurely congratulating ourselves.
The trouble is, insanity is contagious. If you are insane, your kids are nearly certainly going to be insane as well. Not only that, but their craziness is going to resemble or compliment your own. In this way, whole civilisations can go mad and hardly anyone notices.
It's a pickle because, if you live in an insane society, any progress towards sanity renders you maladaptive. It doesn't matter who is nuttier than who as far as quality of life is concerned. Most parents want their children to have a good and comfortable life. Naturally, they see it as their duty to drive their children insane in the socially approved manner. All kinds of help and encouragement are available to this end. The current form of collective madness has been growing and spreading for at least 3,000 years. It's means of transmission has been thoroughly developed and institutionalised. It now needs very little effort to maintain. All you have to do is keep your head down and follow the herd.

The system is effective but not perfect. Sometimes procedures are incorrectly followed and you end up with the wrong kind of crazy. This isn't really a problem for the system, since these unfortunates serve as cautionary tales for the majority. I know a few people like this. One is called Gerard. I knew him when he used to be fairly normal. In his mid thirties he became schizophrenic. Like most people, he believes things that can't possibly be true. The difference is that he can't get anyone to agree with him. I used to have coffee with him fairly often when I lived in the Davie Village area. He would always show me pieces of costume jewelery that he found in the trash. He always insisted that they were extremely valuable. I recall one ring in particular. According to Gerard, it was a ten carat diamond, set in platinum, and dating from ancient Egypt. There's no point in arguing about it. He claims to be an expert on such things. As an ironic aside, I recently met a well-known gold prospector from the Yukon. He mentioned in conversation that he had lost a solid gold nugget ring. He said that, if someone were to find it in a dumpster, they probably wouldn't know what it was worth. I hope Gerard finds it.
I know another man named Chucky. He is convinced that he is the illegitimate love child of Queen Elizabeth II. I told him that he was way too good-looking to be descended from those freaks, but his conviction is unshakable. Chucky is a really sweet guy, and remarkably lucid on most other topics. He could probably pass for normal if he'd lose the overflowing shopping cart and stop smiling so much. But he can't seem to help bringing up the subject of his parentage in any conversation lasting more than a few minutes.
Normal people usually avoid guys like Gerard and Chucky. They are seen as dangerous and unpredictable, possibly contagious. In reality, they're no less predictable than most people, on their own terms. Most schizophrenics aren't dangerous, far less so than sociopaths. Yet sociopaths make up the majority of world leaders and power brokers, and no one bats an eye. On closer inspection, fixed and irrational beliefs are the norm rather than the exception. How is it possible for people to believe in democracy, when we all know that governments are controlled by those with the most money? How can anyone believe the official story of 911, when there is such a mountain of evidence against it? Are these not examples of fixed and irrational beliefs? Are those who subscribe to them any more open to reason? The hell they are. The one and only difference is consensus. No wonder the schizophrenic is so feared and unpopular.
And then there's us, the ones who've figured out that we're living in an asylum and want out. We've learned to recognise one another without attracting too much unwanted attention from the other inmates. We've given up on the Doctors. They're not there to heal anyone. They just want to manage our symptoms so they can stay in charge. The exits have been locked and mislabelled. But we will find them. We will pick their locks or break them down. And one day soon, we will breathe the air of sanity and freedom. Oh yeah, and we're also going to leave the door open when we leave.