Thursday, October 29, 2009


"Truth can never be told so as to be understood, and not be believ'd."
William Blake.

Faith is a powerful thing. Spiritual growth beyond a certain point would be impossible without it. You know if you have it, but it's hard to define. According to my dictionary and a selection of philosophers and theologians, it is practically synonymous with belief. For me, faith means something else. Since it is the only word I have for this something, I want to try to redeem it from this inaccurate association.
Belief will happily masquerade as faith, but it is not faith. It is especially wrong to apply the word to specific beliefs, such as religious dogmas. All beliefs are of the mind. Faith is of the heart. Faith is the mother of courage, the antidote to fear. Faith is the power that ignites the heart of a star. It is a guide and a shield. It is widely agreed that faith cannot stand alone. It must have some object. For myself, there is only one object worthy of faith, and that is Truth itself. Many say that Love is the highest ideal. They are not wrong, but Truth also covers Love, if Love be true. It is easy enough to believe in a false love, conditional, grasping, enslaving "love". If this be the case, only Truth can reveal it. Having made Truth the object of faith, the error of confusing faith with belief is obvious. In the pursuit of Truth, doubt become good and necessary. Every belief is a phantom, blocking one's view. One who refuses to doubt, ie. the "true believer", has no real faith. Paradox. Gotta love it.

The decision to put my faith in Truth means that Truth is worth more to me than any lie, no matter how comforting that lie. I am aware that my limited human consciousness is incapable of ever grasping Truth in it's wholeness. That's okay since my human consciousness is really an aspect of a greater unity that can and does know it. It is it. Even if I can't fully know it, I certainly can increase my knowledge and understanding of it. It seems the only way to do this is to expose every lie and see what remains. As the grime of falseness is washed away, Truth is gradually revealed. The entire process is an unlearning. It might be nice if Truth could be taught, but it can't. There is no such thing as spiritual teaching. Words have no power to teach, only to reflect. They can only be understood by one who already knows. Actually, religions are the enemies of Truth, because they are purveyers of belief. They lie when they call themselves "faiths".


  1. Also, religions rely on dogma, belief imposed from without. Faith is an internal matter. Trusting one's intuition, when there's no reason to trust it save that one does, is the primal act of faith. It matters not what one knows or believes if one has that. Everything else of consequence - conscience, compassion, creativity - all flow from this one source; if it is removed or interrupted, any attempt at them is no more than an empty pose.

    And when that's the case, we know. How? Who knows?

    That's the point.

  2. I could not have said it better than this, 13 Muluc. Thank you. :)

  3. Hi Psychegram. Exactly. It is so nice to be understood.
    Welcome BCth. Thanks and ditto that to you.

  4. This comment's unrelated, but I finished one of Rick Veitch's early graphic novels, The One, today. It's da-da-da-definitely up your alley, and it's a reminder of how much Veitch contributed to the Swamp Thing run that most people credit solely to Alan Moore.

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