Wednesday, September 23, 2009


My life has been pretty chaotic lately. Externally, the building where I live is undergoing extensive repairs to it's foundation. It's been jack hammers, concrete drills and skill saws 12 hours a day, since mid-July. It's supposed to be over by the end of November (fingers crossed). It's been difficult to think clearly, much less write. The outer world is of course a reflection of the inner. The two are like a Rossetta stone, the same information in different "languages". My consciousness has been undergoing a corresponding foundational reorganisation. More on that in a bit....


  1. Yyyeah, construction's fun. Here's to 16th Trump phenomena! Rock out!

  2. Hi Ben. Yes it has been VERY much resonant with XVI(The Tower). LOL, I wish I could rock out. The noise drowns out my sound system. It's very sad.