Monday, August 24, 2009

Reverse-engineering the Apocalypse

Sometimes I entertain myself by envisioning scenarios in which the light triumphs over the darkness. I imagine different ways it might play out. The time we are living in has been prophesied about for thousands of years. It is forecasted to be beyond "interesting". Intuitively, I sense that it's resolution will have to do with a certain myth relating to prophesy. There are several versions of this myth from many different times and places. It goes like this:
1. A prophesy is made.
2. Someone hears the prophesy who wishes that it not be fulfilled.
3. That person takes action to prevent the predicted fate.
4. The attempt to thwart the prophesy is the means by which it is fulfilled.

One example of this myth is the story of the servant who meets Death in the Baghdad market place. He sees Death gesturing at him. The servant panics, runs home, and begs his master to lend him his horse so he can ride far away to Samarra. Later, the master visits the market himself and also sees Death. He asks Death why he had frightened his servant. Death replies that he didn't mean to frighten the man. He was just surprised to see the servant in the market when he knew they had an appointment later in Samarra.
The myth of Oedipus follows this pattern also, as do the biblical stories of the slaughter of the innocents by King Herod, and of the events surrounding the early life of Moses. The fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty contains elements of this as well.
What these stories and others are really about is fate. Fate is a concept that has fallen out of favour in modern times. I suspect this is related to the suppression of the feminine in our culture (fate is always female in mythology). It is my understanding that fate does exist. Not everything is fated, but some things are. I consider it a protective fail-safe that ensures that events planned by the universal intelligence or by the soul prior to incarnation will occur. If fate did not exist, there could be no prophesy. In some cases the reverse is also true. In the above stories, we see how prophesy acts as fate's servant, ensuring it's fulfillment. Fate cannot be tricked; it foresees all.
There are parallels to this in our present situation. We are scheduled for a planetary rebirth, an evolutionary leap. This is fate, so it's going to happen no matter what. There are certain factions on the planet who are doing their very best to make sure this doesn't happen. My intuition tells me that their own actions will help to bring about the shift. I suspect they will go too far and expose themselves. It may be they've already done so. This ties in with the literal meaning of "apocalypse" which is "revealing". What would happen if the Illuminati were caught on video doing something so shockingly heinous that it could not be suppressed or explained away? Perhaps a really devastating security breach at a Bilderberg gathering? Videotape evidence of the pedophilia parties attended by the rich and powerful? Or maybe the ET presence and long time cover-up becomes irrefutable fact? My partner, God I Am, thinks it will be the swine flu plan that will back-fire and bring them down. The possibilities are legion. Their arrogance has already made them careless and they have plenty of rope with which to hang themselves. I'm putting my money on fate.


  1. 'Light triumphing over Darkness'? Wouldn't it be better if Dusk or Dawn triumphed over both? It would be prettier...

    I knew many Libra Horses when I lived in Vancouver. All artists, all very talented.

    I finished a 5 of cups a couple of months back. Would you like to see it?


  2. Hi Lukiftian. Yes it would be prettier and it will probably be much like that, once we've transcended our present issues. I would like to see your 5 of cups; is it online?

  3. Y'know, I try not to get bent out of shape when looking at astrological stuff, but Pluto's placement in Capricorn's probably going to kick up a hell of a lot of dirt on the "Nothing to See Here" crowd. I mean, take a look at Lady Gaga: sure, a lot of people get bent out of shape over her, but if you watch her videos and understand that "Lady Gaga" is a fiction suit, not unlike Mr. Quimper, then we realize that she's pointing out some mamamamaaaaajor symbolic juju. I mean, the picture of her as the mannequin torso with her hands in the same position as Baphomet, left eye in her palm kind of spells it all out: Magic and Eros have now infected Advertising and Logos, just as the latter has spread its own infection into our thoughtspace. It's semiotic warfare.

  4. I'm with you on the fate thing. It's easy to see the general shape of what she's got in store for the planet. Not to so easy (for me) to see what's in store for me. :/