Monday, August 24, 2009

Reverse-engineering the Apocalypse

Sometimes I entertain myself by envisioning scenarios in which the light triumphs over the darkness. I imagine different ways it might play out. The time we are living in has been prophesied about for thousands of years. It is forecasted to be beyond "interesting". Intuitively, I sense that it's resolution will have to do with a certain myth relating to prophesy. There are several versions of this myth from many different times and places. It goes like this:
1. A prophesy is made.
2. Someone hears the prophesy who wishes that it not be fulfilled.
3. That person takes action to prevent the predicted fate.
4. The attempt to thwart the prophesy is the means by which it is fulfilled.

One example of this myth is the story of the servant who meets Death in the Baghdad market place. He sees Death gesturing at him. The servant panics, runs home, and begs his master to lend him his horse so he can ride far away to Samarra. Later, the master visits the market himself and also sees Death. He asks Death why he had frightened his servant. Death replies that he didn't mean to frighten the man. He was just surprised to see the servant in the market when he knew they had an appointment later in Samarra.
The myth of Oedipus follows this pattern also, as do the biblical stories of the slaughter of the innocents by King Herod, and of the events surrounding the early life of Moses. The fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty contains elements of this as well.
What these stories and others are really about is fate. Fate is a concept that has fallen out of favour in modern times. I suspect this is related to the suppression of the feminine in our culture (fate is always female in mythology). It is my understanding that fate does exist. Not everything is fated, but some things are. I consider it a protective fail-safe that ensures that events planned by the universal intelligence or by the soul prior to incarnation will occur. If fate did not exist, there could be no prophesy. In some cases the reverse is also true. In the above stories, we see how prophesy acts as fate's servant, ensuring it's fulfillment. Fate cannot be tricked; it foresees all.
There are parallels to this in our present situation. We are scheduled for a planetary rebirth, an evolutionary leap. This is fate, so it's going to happen no matter what. There are certain factions on the planet who are doing their very best to make sure this doesn't happen. My intuition tells me that their own actions will help to bring about the shift. I suspect they will go too far and expose themselves. It may be they've already done so. This ties in with the literal meaning of "apocalypse" which is "revealing". What would happen if the Illuminati were caught on video doing something so shockingly heinous that it could not be suppressed or explained away? Perhaps a really devastating security breach at a Bilderberg gathering? Videotape evidence of the pedophilia parties attended by the rich and powerful? Or maybe the ET presence and long time cover-up becomes irrefutable fact? My partner, God I Am, thinks it will be the swine flu plan that will back-fire and bring them down. The possibilities are legion. Their arrogance has already made them careless and they have plenty of rope with which to hang themselves. I'm putting my money on fate.

Monday, August 10, 2009

"Knock, knock." "Who's there?" "2012"...

In order to make sense of the 2012 phenomena, it helps to understand how we construct our experience of reality. The dream state offers useful parallels. In the dreaming state, we construct a personal symbolic world. This world is a reflection of our inner reality. The subconscious mind represents our inner state as an external world and even peoples it with "others", who are really aspects of ourselves. In this way, the subconscious allows us to process information that we have trouble making conscious.

In some ways, waking life is similar. It is a mistake to assume that the world we perceive is the same as what actually exists. It is our mind's interpretation of vibrational signals. Not all of these signals are accessible to our senses, since they lie outside the frequency range that our senses can access. The mind also edits the signals it receives. It does this to avoid information overload and to maintain our fixed beliefs. This editing can result in serious distortions of objective reality. Like the dream state, the waking state reflects inner content by means of symbolism. It does this on both personal and collective levels. We experience this as synchronicity, fateful encounters, accidents or illness arising from psycho-emotional conflict, mind over matter, etc.. 2012 is a symbolic attractor, thrown up by the collective subconscious. The specific date does not matter in the way you might think. It's purpose is to make conscious what we have repressed and provide us with a collective focal point. There is a clue to this realisation in the suspiciously long list of potential or expected catastrophes in our near future:
Economic collapse
Environmental degradation
Nuclear war
Peak oil
Unintended results of technology, such as health problems due to GMOs and EMF pollution, run-away nanotechnology, LHC black holes, ionospheric disruption due to HAARP
Climate change
World-wide revolution/social collapse
NWO global fascism
Earth changes, such as earthquakes, tsunamis and floods, super-volcano eruptions
Mass extinction
Impact from space objects
Massive solar flares
Pole shift
Radiation burst from galactic center
Return of, or invasion by negative ETs
Many are also predicting more positive, but still enormous changes:
Evolution of our species
Planetary ascension
Positive ET contact.
All of these scenarios represent big changes. Their convergence on this time is no coincidence. All of us are sensing, either subconsciously or intuitively, that everything is about to change. We know in our guts that transformation is both inevitable and necessary. Different individuals perceive these changes in whatever way corresponds to their inner feelings about this change. Some are afraid of what is coming and feel helpless in the face of it. Of these people, some envision disaster and some take refuge in denial. Others understand the necessity of change. Of these, some are optimistic about our ability to respond, but others feel despair. In the next few paragraphs, I look more closely at these different attitudes.

Many envision the approaching changes as catastrophes beyond their control. If you are anticipating the literal "end of the world", it is because you refuse to admit the necessity for inner transformation. You are projecting it outside yourself as a way of refusing responsibility. I wish I could say that your attitude is harmless, but it isn't. You are contributing to the fear vibration. This makes positive change more difficult for us all. Those who respond in this way are often attached to the status quo. Those who own and control the main-stream media fall into this group. That's why 2012 is always presented in a fearful, negative way on TV and in movies. The Mayan prophesy does not predict the end of the world, but the end of a world. Main-stream accounts never mention the fact that this "world" began in 3114 BC. So what is ending and/or being transformed, is what began then. The fact that the forces of stagnation and tyranny view 2012 as a disaster, should be cause for optimism.

Some who are not prepared to accept responsibility for change, respond with denial. "Nothing will happen", they say. Some go so far as to insist that our near future will be much the same as today. This is the sole impossible scenario. Change is the only constant in this universe. You would have to be amnesiac, or very young, to not see that huge changes have already occurred over the recent past, and that change is accelerating. Most who subscribe to this view don't believe that nothing will change, but that nothing fundamental will change. However, if nothing fundamental changes, there will be consequences. These consequences are not far off and they will be the cause of major changes. We are rapidly approaching the natural limits of both natural resources and the planet's ability to absorb our pollution and abuse. On the economic front, collapse is immanent. The system has intrinsic flaws that render it unsustainable. You cannot have continuous growth on a finite planet. The system is also based on debt which can never be repaid. Up till now, the result has been a rapidly widening income gap as all the real wealth in the world is sucked to the top. This cannot continue without total social disintegration. This has been happening for some time already and is very close to boiling point. The only way to temporarily fend off total failure of the system, will be to give power to create global currency to the IMF or the Bank for International Settlements. Please research the policies and past behavior of these organisations. If they are given this power, things will change dramatically. Unless you are very well positioned financially and lack all compassion for your fellow humans, you will not like the results. Our economic system has other, deeper flaws. They are philosophical rather than structural. These involve distortion of value, as well as a perversion of the purpose of society and individual persons. These flaws will lead to social tension. Those who are charged with "maintaining order" will continue to remove and violate basic rights and freedoms. Either global fascism or the fall of the present system is inevitable in the near future. Also, in case you missed the news coverage, a global pandemic is expected to occur this fall and winter. It is predicted to result in millions of deaths. It will affect your world. Make no mistake. This is your future if "nothing happens".

Some of us do accept responsibility for our situation. We see the necessity for change. We know that surface changes will not be enough. It is going to take a revisioning of our purpose, individually and collectively. Old and discredited paradigms of reality must fall and be replaced with truer conceptions. We are commited to this work because we know what is at stake. It is nothing less than the evolution or devolution (possibly extinction) of our species. It is a species with nearly infinite potential for greatness.

Sadly, many of those who accept responsibility for where we are, don't believe they can do anything about it. They sit on the fence. "I can't do anything by myself, little me. I'll wait and see what everybody else does." Most of these people believe that 2012 is something that will happen to them, or not. If this is what you are thinking, the following is going to sound harsh but you need to hear it. The German people, during WWII, refused to see what they prefered not to see. Some of them did see, but closed their hearts to their fellow humans. Do you think they should have acted differently? What would they have needed to do, to put a stop to the Nazi insanity? In the end, they were not prepared to do what they knew was right. Why? Because nobody else did. They are no different from you. Your inner intention and commitment affect everybody else. Check your experience. Have you ever been part of a group that has gathered for the purpose of sharing and raising consciousness? You feel different. Things seem possible, that didn't before. The sooner individual members of humanity commit to evolution, the sooner our insanity can end. At some point, this group will get off the fence together. This will be felt all over the world.

Some are afraid to hope, for fear of disappointment or failure. Do you think that if you commit to voluntary evolution, you will expend your energy with no guarantee of reward? You are caught in illusion. It is not "your" energy that needs expending. It is love, that needs to flow through an open heart. The experience of being a channel for this flow is a far greater reward than any other. From this perspective, giving and receiving are one. When you open your heart, there will be some sadness as well. You will feel with the many who suffer. When this happens, remember; your willingness to feel this is what will end it. Before you fall in love, you don't know if it will work. You could be badly hurt. Do you then never love because you might be disappointed? You might, but that would be pathetic. No, usually you take a chance because the possibilities are so compelling. What stands to be gained or lost by all of us, in the near future, is far more than a happy or failed love affair. If we don't even try, we will certainly fail. That would be pathetic.

2012 stands as a strange attractor in our near future. Listen to your intuition. It's not about what will happen. It's about what you will choose.

The seeds have fallen from heaven,

and sleep in the earth,

waiting for spring.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Free Will

What is free will? Some say it defines a human being. Others claim it is an illusion. The more I think about it, the more I realise that everything depends on the definition of a human being. In other words, we must first know what we mean by "I". In earlier posts, I have written about the two "I"s: If Thine I Be Single and Is It I? To sum up, my observations have led me to conclude that there are two distinct entities that refer to themselves as "I". One is the spiritual Self and the other is the (false) ego.
The aims and characteristics of these two are so contradictory that they can't both be "I". One of them must be an illusion or an impostor. Both have their philosophical defenders. The camp that claims that the ego is the real I, are the Social Darwinists, behaviorists, etc.. These people insist that all our thinking and behavior is predictable if the causes are known. They refer to the ego's characteristics (such as greed, aggression, etc.) as "human nature". The spiritual Self is claimed to be imaginary, a psychological defence against the fear of death, or a way to cope with suffering.

Those taking the other view, that the spiritual Self is the true "I", are the spiritual teachers, mystics, shamans, etc. They base their assertion on direct personal experience. It is impossible to offer proof to one who has not had this experience, and yet it's truth is undeniable to one who has. In general, this group has not done an adequate job of accounting for the ego's existence, except to say that it allows for "free will". In "Is It I?"(see link above), I examined the predation theory. This theory is based on a particular interpretation of Gnostic teachings as well as "the topic of topics" according to the Yaqui sorcerer, Don Juan. This constitutes a better model of the observed facts than any other I have come across.

An assumption is often made that free will has something to do with choice. I think this is an illusion and a red herring. The appearance of choice is a result of flawed perception. From the point of view of the Self, there are no choices to be made. The Self doesn't need to weigh it's options. It doesn't need to think or make plans. It simply acts according to it's nature, which is Love. The false ego seems to make lots of choices, but they are not really choices, they are calculations and strategies. It's "choice" will always be a result of it's programmed beliefs. Someone who knew what these beliefs were would be able to predict it's "choice" every time. It simply acts according to it's nature, which is Fear. So it's not about choice, it's about awareness.

The false ego doesn't even want to be free. It wants to be in control. Being in control is not the same as being free because the controller is bound to that which he controls. Control is the opposite of freedom. The ego can never be free in an absolute sense. This is because it is defined by it's separateness. From it's point of view, it is only free to the extent that it is in control as opposed to being controlled. In the world of the ego, coercion is a given. So from the ego's perspective, "free will" can only mean the freedom to control, which is oxymoronic nonsense.

An analysis of freedom and coercion would be incomplete without including the subject of money. One of the accepted definitions of "free" is "not costing money".
Anything valued in monetary terms is not free because it can be owned. Also it's value becomes both relative and finite. If a person is valued in monetary terms, he is not free. He becomes a commodity to be bought and sold. This might seem like stating the obvious but it (if it's truth is clearly seen), has serious implications for "civilisation" as we know it. Money is, and can only be, a technology of coercion. To attempt to build a just and moral society based on money is akin to trying to bake a cake with a hammer.

Freedom can only exist for the Self. From it's point of view, it is absolutely free, always has been, always will be. Because it is all that is, there is nothing that could control it and nothing that it must control. It is what is, regardless of whether it is known. So it isn't a matter of the Self gaining freedom, it is already free. It is a matter of the Self knowing what freedom is. In order for anything to be known, contrast is required. The true thing must cast a shadow, that which is not, in order for it to know what is. The ego is this shadow. The process doesn't end here. There is an experience beyond knowledge, called understanding. At the point of understanding, the shadow is seen to be illusion and it's function is complete. Those who have realised enlightenment confirm this. For them, the ego is no more.
On the basis of all the above and on my own certainty that the Self is the true "I", "free will" should be defined as: the Self acting according to it's nature (which is Love), to realise it's possibilities and know itself. When we realise this we will free ourselves and each other. We will know that "I want you to be free" means the same thing as "I love you".