Saturday, July 4, 2009

Thoughts on Synchromysticism

I find Synchromysticism fascinating because it possesses features that are utterly novel and and unique. It truly reflects the mood of this modern era in which we live and yet is a reversal of it. I am referring to our age's banality, it's obsessive focus on the trivial and meaningless. It reminds me of the yin/yang symbol which depicts the extreme of one pole spontaneously flipping into it's opposite. The subject matter it employs is usually pop culture, eg. TV, comics, movies, advertising. This might appear to reduce it's value for consciousness development, yet it does not. As an exercise in awareness, it is comparable to mindfulness meditation. As I see it, the subject matter and interpretation is less important that the act of noticing symbolic connections. This practice trains the mind to remain awake. I think it can lead to greater levels of awareness by developing the habit of paying attention and seeing patterns in what is attended to.
The people involved in developing this field are mostly young and technologically inclined. They have spent most of their lives in a culture of over-stimulation. I am in awe of the way Synchromysticism has succeeded in integrating this noisy confusion and turning it to the service of awareness. In this sense it has parallels with the study of the Qabalistic Tree of Life, which has been called a "filing system for the mind". Any type of information may be sorted in this way, from the mundane to the profound, and symbolic connections begin to develop between them. The capacity to attend to information in this way will lead to conscious contact with the intuitive mind.
In the study of the Tree, a student would usually begin with the more abstract interpretations and work towards the concrete. Synchromysticism seems to reverse this order. I do not see this as negative. It is to be expected that the level of interpretation will vary according to understanding. For example, in a Tarot reading, the appearance of the five of wands might indicate an argument, a psychological conflict, or an spiritual ordeal. The determining factor would be the plane of inquiry. Thus a "spiritual" interpretation is not necessarily more correct than a mundane one. It is the recognition of the "note" rather than the "octave" that is important. Ultimately, through this process, ALL is seen to be an expression of the One.
The main stumbling block of symbolic mysticism, is literalness. This error is just as common among traditional symbolistists, when an absolute distinction is made between spirit and matter. In Reality, no such division exists. I have come across the idea, although rarely, within the Synchromystic community, that the "Illuminati" are implanting all of this symbolism deliberately. I think this assumes far too much intelligence (and power) on their part. It does happen, but not as often as these few imagine. Most of the time it is an expression of the fractal nature of the "reality hologram". So while the symbols associated with the Illuminati do reveal their intentions, they are as unconscious of this as most people.
Should any readers be unfamiliar with, and curious about, the phenomena of Synchromysticism, here are a few links to prominent sites:
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These sites carry links to many others.

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