Friday, July 24, 2009

Let's Pretend...

Phillip K. Dick holds a special place within the science fiction genre. He is deservedly celebrated for his mastery of the "mind-fuck". If you are a fan of his writing, you are someone who enjoys having their mind fucked good and proper. I am one of these people and I know that some of my readers share this inclination. I dedicate this post to you and to Mr. Dick.
There are some ideas that the mind tip-toes away from without really looking at them. There is a sense that such ideas are too dangerous to formulate, much less entertain. They might upset our foundational assumptions and put our sanity in peril. But these sorts of ideas are the ones that expose the lies we tell ourselves. And what is sanity anyhow? I've decided that only one who is enlightened is sane. Apart from that, it's only relative. Then it becomes a matter of how coherently you can function. If your foundational assumptions are flawed, the answer is: not very. How would we know if we never checked? If the Truth is what is sought, it can withstand all questions. In fact, it demands them. This is why aspirants to gnosis will go out of their way to entertain "dangerous" ideas, questions and possibilities. That's why we take entheogens. That's why we love movies like "The Matrix" and novels like those of P.K. Dick.
So, without further ado, I will proceed to share this contribution to the honourable tradition of mind-fuckery. This idea had been skirting the edges of my consciousness for some time and I had dismissed it. Quickly. Today I was discussing the control system's plans for the world with my partner. He said what I had so often said and thought myself. "How can they, with all their knowledge, not know that their aims are impossible to reach? Unless...." (at this point I had to finish the sentence) ..."They know that they are serving Infinite Awareness and they are consciously fulfilling their role, which is to wake us up by reflecting our blindness back to us as starkly as necessary." In order to do this consciously and without faltering, they would have to be fully enlightened. My partner felt that this possibility was plenty weird enough to be getting on with. He's going to write about it on his blog as well. I had to go a bit further. "What if it's not just the elite?", I said. "What if everyone who seems to be deeply unconscious is actually already enlightened and they are all perfectly playing their parts in order to test the few who are still actively seeking?" That would mean that it is only those of us "on the path" who have still to awaken. It is we who are the slow ones. When we do awaken fully, all the "others" will remove their masks and take a bow. If this were true, (and I'm not saying it is) we might perceive our task as a whole lot simpler. Perception affects experience. Therefore, regardless of it's truth, it is useful.
The conscious adoption of random beliefs for the purpose of shifting one's experience of reality is the very heart of Magick. Peter J. Carroll, in "Liber Kaos" refers to it as "sleight of mind". It is this aspect of the idea that I found so fascinating. Later, when we went for a walk, I pretended it was true. I imagined that all the people I saw were spiritual masters in disguise. Some of them deserve Oscars! It produced in me an exhilaration and wonder that I cannot really describe. You'd have to try it. As an exercise in consciousness it is pure gold. I want to stress that there is no necessity of committing to this belief (or any other) in order to make use of it. In fact, I'm intuitively certain that it would be a mistake to do so.


  1. You know, I had the same thought ... well, not quite the same, but very similar and, it seems, right around the same time you were discussing this with your partner. I didn't go so far as to imagine that everyone is a spiritual master in disguise, but certainly, the Illuminati and the Reptilians ... that I could certainly imagine. What if the Reptilians are descended from dinosaurs? Would they not see themselves as humanity's older brother? And, like any good older brother, perhaps they are merely being rough on us for the sake of toughening us, providing the crucible in which our spiritual mettle will be tempered?

    If you know that reality is maya, illusion, that death is not real and every hardship temporary, then does not any atrocity become permissable? Especially if it is undertaken out of a motivation of Love, deeper than any a common human might express....

    What a grand and terrifying idea. And how strange that we both thought it so close together.

  2. Hi Psychgram,
    It's gotten to the point for me (regarding these thought synchroncities) where I wouldn't be a bit surprised if we didn't need the internet soon. We'll just access the field, sort of like the proposed brain-chips-in-the-head, only without the brain-chips. On a certain level of understanding, the Illuminati really are acting for our benefit, (consciously or not) but for our part, we still have to win our freedom.

  3. Well that's a pretty cool thought!

    Actually... to go around acting as if everyone we meet is a full and complete human being? Y'know, that sounds like a pretty good idea to me. The opposite strategy starts to sound like an obvious monkey-trap...!

  4. The implication is that everything they do to us, say to us, is perfectly in line with what we need at that moment in our spiritual path of becoming. How much simpler and easier to see it that way by default!