Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Welcome To The Real World

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one." - Albert Einstein
One of the major flaws in old paradigm thought is it's literalness. This gives rise to the fantasy of the "real world". There is no such thing. To borrow Aleister Crowley's metaphor, it is "as if some one had seriously maintained that a cat was a creature constructed by placing the letters C.A.T. in that order". This is analogous to the mistake of imagining the physical world to be reality itself.
What we actually experience is a symbolic representation of a transcendent reality. This reality has no solid form, but it does have meaningful information. The illusion of physicality exists for illustrative purposes. The details of how we represent that information to ourselves may vary without changing the meaningful content. For example, it is an energetic fact that human beings serve as the food of a vampirising force. This force has been experienced as extraterrestrial reptilians, the ego, the demiurge, the Illuminati, Satan, the R-system of the brain, archons, fliers, etc. The old paradigm would insist that these can't all be right. Within the new paradigm, they can and are.
We cannot hope to understand reality while confusing symbols with their meaning. We already apply this realisation to the dream state. Few people take their dreams literally. The forms of the dream are understood to be symbolic even though they seem quite real and solid to the dreaming self. The exception to this is the lucid dream. Sometimes, we become aware of dreaming while in the dream. The last time this happened to me, I'd been having a lovely dream in which I was running. I did not notice a cliff edge that was hidden by long grass and I ran right over the edge. I fell a long way down and I fully expected to die when I hit the ground. Instead, I landed softly on the sand of a beach and was completely unharmed. The shock of this caused me to become lucid. I suspect that most lucid dreams start this way, with some shockingly anomalous occurrence that compels the dreamer to question the reality of the dream.
There are direct parallels of these invitations to lucidity in waking life. UFOs, miracles, synchronicity, fire-walking, the 11:11, and crop circles (see Neil Kramer's post on The Cleaver "The Beautiful Paradox") all fall into this category of phenomena. As Neil Kramer rightly points out, to focus on the physical aspects and causes of these things is to miss the point. These are wake-up calls. I have very recently been delighted to discover a field of knowledge called Synchromysticism that is based in this view of reality. This term, coined by Jake Kotze, is defined by him as "the art of realising meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance". It is possible to interpret the "real world" as though it were a dream, with the same illuminating result.
The inherent insanity of literalness is most obvious in religious fundamentalism. It doesn't matter what religion it is. Those of us who are relatively sane would feel sorry for these people if they weren't so destructive. Fundamentalism not only misses the message, but usually reverses it completely. Ironically, science, that megalithic bastion of literalism, is being overturned by it's own findings. Open-minded physicists and biologists are beginning to twig to the fact that matter is a projection of consciousness, a fractal hologram.
Brain science is helpful in understanding the error in perception. We have become overly dependent on left-brain thinking. The left-brain is just like a computer. It's job is to receive, store and manipulate data. It lacks the ability to understand anything. The task of interpreting the data belongs to the right-brain which employs symbol, myth and metaphor to create meaning. This is the reason that spiritual teachers so often use parable and poetry to present their knowledge. These speak directly to the right-brain, assuming it is functional. The ability of the right-brain to do it's job has been impaired by our education system's obsessive focus on data collection and retrieval.
Fortunately, Infinite Awareness has it's own agenda. I doubt if we could screw it up, even if we wanted to. It will accomplish it's purpose as us and through us. It has already begun.
I came across this the other day: Timothy Freke Bath 2005 Absolutely One-derful!


  1. "To awaken within a dream, one must firstly 'real-eyes' that All of it is ONE..."
    ~ Omnitheus Oneironaut

    Halo 13 Muluc - What a fantastically ONEderful article. Thank You for posting it! Had everything I'm into : Symbolism, Myth & Metaphor; Dreams; Lucid Dreaming; Synchronicity; 11:11; Crop Circles...

    Am also really loving the term 'Synchromysticism'...and especially liked the paragraph on 'brain science'. Timely, fascinating, important & much, much appreciated!

    "Only those asleep take The Dream literally, personally or seriously."
    ~ Omnitheus Oneironaut

    Another Point of You : OM...

    ps(st) ~ For more on Lucid Dreaming, visit:


  2. Thanks, Another Point of You. We do have a lot in common, don't we. I think we must be from the same planet. :)

  3. Maybe I've been looking in the wrong places, but "synchromysticism" as I've seen it has left me cold (not about synchronicity, and not truly 'mystical' at all) and a little irked at what I consider the ruination of a wonderful term.

    What I mean is that the coincidences they seek and find tend to support negative, paranoid perspectives that make them out to be victims of conspiracies and such - and are not really even very good "synchronicities" in the first place - more free-associated connections between pop culture detritus and dystopian, apocalyptic conspirifantasies ... I dunno.I guess it's just not my cup of tea, as more of a 'mystical experience of oneness of all things etc' kinda "synchro-mystic."

    Anyway, I do like the term when used as you described - "interpreting the real world as though it were a dream" ...

  4. Thanks for your comment, Teapotshappen. I can't respond properly right now as I'm travelling and just about to go play in the forest. I'll be gone for about a week. See ya.