Monday, June 8, 2009

The Flowering

Humanity's current operating system has become obsolete. It is now clear that, if we continue to use it, we will become extinct. The old paradigm has certain flaws that render it vulnerable to corruption. At this point in time, the corruption is so advanced that the system is about to fail. Everybody knows it deep down, but most are still in denial since they don't yet see an alternative. A rapidly growing number of self-referent and visionary people are now in the process of installing a more advanced program. If all goes well, it should be up and running within 3-5 years.
The new paradigm isn't really new. It appears and reappears throughout history. For this reason, it has been called the Perennial Philosophy. It is the core understanding of mystics in all traditions. It is the reality paradigm that corresponds to and stems from Gnosis. The founders of all religions knew it, but the religions themselves are hostile to it since it means the end of their control. It flowered during the Renaissance in Europe when philosophers, theologians, mathematicians and artists of different places and cultures came together and pooled their knowledge. The invention of the printing press helped it to spread. Legacies of this period include Humanism, the Tarot, the Qabalah and Hermeticism. The movement was suppressed by the Catholic church by means of the Inquisition. The Inquisition was the attempted murder of an idea, a noocide. I say "attempted" because it could not be destroyed, only driven underground.
The thing I find most wonderful about this new/old understanding, is that it is arrived at independently by those who reject received reality, and set out to discover it for themselves. These are people who refuse to believe anything just because somebody (or everybody) else says it is so. And yet, they all come to the same realisations. This is the nature of Gnosis, that it is discovered rather than learned. It makes use of any tradition or none. The printing press of the Renaissance finds it's reflection in the Internet of today. So, for the first time in centuries, we have a model of existence derived from reality instead of imposed upon it.
For this reason, it has natural coherence, which the old paradigm lacks. Coherence is an amplifying factor. Because of this, the Perennial Philosophy will soon become more powerful than the imposed beliefs of the control system. The control system had coherence of a sort, but it was an artificial coherence. It has required a great deal of energy to maintain and, as it's instability increases, it will need much more. The new paradigm has been selected by evolution since it will allow humanity to thrive and grow, whereas the old can lead only to extinction.
I know this is happening because I can feel it. The tipping point has already been reached. The sense of anxiety that was present only six months ago has gone and been replaced by joyful anticipation. Many others have sensed this as well. In the words of John Lennon, "You may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will live as one."


  1. When I say we have already won, I don't mean there's nothing left to do. It's like in a chess game where white is only a few moves away from check-mating black and there's nothing black can do about it. If both players were sufficiently skilled, black would concede. Since black in this case is the control system, we can assume they won't concede and the game will be played out. So white still has to make those last few moves. Black's only hope is to distract or incapacitate white and this is what is what it is trying to do. It won't work though. From the point of view of eternity, white has already won the game. Actually, from this perspective, white was always going to win.

  2. My goodness, I really like this! I've noticed a few of your recommended books at the bottom of this blog that I'm not familiar with, and I really want to read them. Your blog is excellent and it's a pleasure to find you.

  3. Thank you, spectrumofbeliefs. The book I would recomend most highly is "God I Am". It really shifted things for me. It's a bit hard to find in stores, (I think it's out of print) but you can find copies online. Blesings to you too.

  4. You are invited to help to form what we become:

    [if the links do not take you to the web pages, please cut or copy and paste
    them into your web browser or return email me.]

    Aquarian Dreams

    Open your third eye
    And your fourth
    And your fifth
    Make a wish
    And wrap it up in bubblegum
    Stick it to your bedpost
    To dream itself awake
    Into your dream
    That is your life.

    There are wishes made of water
    Waving out to sea
    Caught up in grievery
    Cat-tails weeping
    Weaving eerie reverie
    Into the evening
    Into the night
    All through those dreamy,
    Unaware of the hours days.

    There are prophetic dreams.
    They haunt or
    Creep upon conscious walls.
    Tell all is not
    As simple as it seems.
    There are reasons, portents, allies.

    There are dreams
    That wishes would simply die for.
    They take us out of bounds
    Into faery realms and more.
    Sprinkling gold spun out of
    Shining love and merriment.
    Yes! The very mint
    That stamps us sold,
    That fulfills our greatest hopes,
    Flies us to heights above
    The most benign of clouds,
    Sets our spirits free.

    There are dreams
    That bind
    Define identities
    Expose deformities
    Deny extremities
    Create barriers and rifts
    Look to differences
    As definitions
    Defend what they define.

    There are dreams,
    There are dramas,
    There are visions.
    Tell me yours,
    I'll tell you mine.

    (c) Feb. 4, 2006 Laurie Corzett

    Laurie Corzett -