Thursday, May 28, 2009

If Thine I Be Single

People are at war with themselves. This is true of almost everyone. There is a good reason for this; it's because there are two of you. One is your spiritual being (Self) and the other is the ego. Both refer to themselves as "I", and both issue directives. When you choose to follow the Self, the ego pitches a fit. If the ego is obeyed, the Self withdraws. Unconflicted existence requires that only one of these two "I"s prevail. Either choice results in greater effectiveness.
Choosing the ego is more common, and I think this is what the control system means by "illumination". This choice results in the pure psychopath, and this kind of person is undeniably effective. He has an enormous advantage over those who are still in conflict because he operates without restraint from the Self. This path is more common but not less difficult. The banishment of the Self requires some pretty horrific conditioning and the control system has spent centuries perfecting the process.
If the ego is abandoned and Self is chosen, the result is known as spiritual mastery or sainthood. This is less often achieved, and part of the reason is that most of us don't know that a choice is required. We are led to believe that compromise is not only possible, but preferable. The control system encourages this belief, as it provides them with an ineffective populous that they can easily control. They also use every means at their disposal to feed our egos, making them harder to overcome. These means include the media, the economy, social prejudice, materialist science, and the education system. They have given us religions that teach us to worship the Self-realised Ones instead of following their example. The suppression of the feminine is part of this strategy also.
The control system sees that the unrestrained ego is more powerful than the ego/Self duality, so they think they have chosen well. They may think they are going to win total control over this planet but they have made a fatal miscalculation. Their mistake relates to power. The ego is unconnected to Source and therefore dependent upon external sources of power. The only power it has is what it can steal, and it can only use power that matches it's own vibration, eg. fear, avarice, depression, lust, hatred, etc. The Self, on the other hand, has it's own, infinite power source. The Self is connected to this source of power through the heart chakra. It is the Love vibration and it is limited only by the openness of the heart center. It can't ever run out and it can manifest miracles. When we connect to and channel this power, we rob the ego of it's food. If the ego is not fed, it is weakened, and eventually departs or dies.
The Love vibration is key to the overthrow of the control system. Because it is unlimited, it can poured out indiscriminately to all. As it is absorbed by those who can use it, it multiplies and grows exponentially. It won't be on the six o'clock news, but this is already beginning to occur. Those who are sensitive to energy can feel it. The wholly ego-driven, who are unable to use this power, are becoming increasingly unstable and in many cases, physically ill. This is a very good sign and nothing to worry about. If things seem to be going haywire right now, we should see this as a healing crisis. A new world is being born.
Will the real "I" please stand up.


  1. That was uniquely brilliant. Concise and perfectly put. Thank you.

  2. You're most welcome, Psychegram. Thank you.

  3. I fluctuate in my attitude toward what you term the "control system" - on one hand I share your desire to resist and overthrow its tyrannies and often allow myself to get passionate about such efforts - but on the other I try not to let myself be stressed out / egotistical over the control system and my relationship to it .. try not to be brought into negativity by its effects and influences, because even it is part of the One.

    I find peace in the metaphor of the body - the level of the organism, which is truly a living system of individual cells, evolving and cooperating and competing together - there is a place for both a control system in some perspectives (ie the central nervous system) ... applying this metaphor to the level of the "borganism" (society) - I may not cry over the system's decline and fall due to the 'free radicals' and 'cancers' of free, nonconformist component parts, but I also don't begrudge the system for forming or seeking to perpetuate itself - it's just what life does at all levels.

  4. Hello Teapotshappen, thanks for your comment. What I'm calling the "control system" is the macro version of the ego (sometimes called "false ego"). Control is meant in the sense of domination or coersion. This sort of control doesn't help to maintain the integrity of individuals or societies since it creates rigidity and unresponsiveness to real conditions. So I'd actually reverse the body metaphor and say that the control system is the cancer and the non-conformists are the body's way of healing itself. What I've determined by my observations is that the ego is a manifestation of the great adversary, or tester. In this respect it has much to teach us. It sets itself in opposition to the true Self. It is it's nature to do this, as it is a predator and that's what pedators do. They predate and feed. Judging and resenting it is pointless and also counter-productive, since he ego itself would be doing the judging and resenting. It's trickiness should not be underestimated. Through the process of meeting this challenge, we can gain self-knowledge and possibilities of awareness we could not otherwise possess. So it's all good really. The process could also be likened to immunisation, where a poison is deliberately taken in order to gain immunity. Of course this can only succeed if it is undertaken willingly.