Sunday, April 12, 2009

What Time is It?

Words are only symbols of ideas. If ideas were people, words would be their names. Someone might know your name, but that doesn't mean they know you. It is easy to assume that if we know a word, we understand the idea it refers to. Often, we assume too much. Case in point: Time. Time and space exist as a continuum. Together, they are the warp and woof of third dimensional experience. Our culture recognises space as having various aspects. It is experienced in both quantitative and qualitative terms. We can think of space as distance to be measured. We also see it as having variety. A mountain is different to a valley or an ocean or outer space. If we have developed the ability to perceive energy directly, we can also speak of a "spirit of place". Feng shui deals with this aspect of space. For some reason, time is widely considered to be quantitative only. We think of it as uniform and featureless. But, if time and space are complimentary, each should find reflection in the other. Ancient civilisations, who left us great monuments and proofs of their advanced knowledge, had a fuller understanding of time. The ancient Greeks honoured two gods of time. Chronos represented quantitative time, duration and sequence. Kairos embodied time's quality, the spirit of the moment. Their ancestors had analysed and mapped time's landscapes. This knowledge was passed on in the form of astrology. The ancient Maya developed a science of Kairos also. We know this is so since the sacred Tzolkin calendar of 260 days pertained specifically to human time. These people were not primitive or ignorant. Some of their technologies were well in advance of our own. Those who dismiss astrology out of hand, and even some astrologers, imagine that the stars and planets have some direct effect on earthly events. Those who are more informed understand the relationship to be synchronous rather than causative. Synchronicity is the calling card of Kairos. The experience of synchronicity indicates attunement to Kairos. The facination with the 2012 end date of the Mayan long count is at least partly due to a subconscious awareness of Kairos. Many are sensing that this is the time of our tranformation. It should be not be seen as something that will happen to us, but as an auspicious window of opportunity to be grasped. Pardoxically, our tranformation is inevitable in the same sense that Neo, in "The Matrix" was never going to choose the blue pill.


  1. Kairos is also called the Tao.

  2. Namaste.

    Great post 13 Muluc! Your opening sentences blasted me off to inner space...especially, 'If ideas were people, words would be their names'. What a ONEderful Aha mOMment!

    Well thought out & supremely expressed. I agree too with your statement that 2012 should not be seen as something that will 'happen' to us. I know I've written an awful lot about 2012 on my Blog...but at the end of the day/cycle...I know that it will be US happening to 'it'. WE will shape & mould 2012 (& every other moment of every other year for that matter), rather than the other way around. That's why it's important for Beings like us to share with the world just how powerful our Consciousness, Thoughts & Intents are.

    WE must BE the Change we wish to see in the YOUniverse (to paraphrase Gandhi).

    Ha! I knew you & GOD I AM were related in some way (I guess it didn't take a genius to figure that out though!)

    And here I was re-introducing a Goddess to a God! Who feels slightly sheepish now? (waddles from side to side).

    Great to see GOD I AM OVer at OV. I AM eagerly awaiting for the first...(In the beginning was the) Word from GOD I AM.

    Sweet Lucid Dream & Blessed Be,
    Another Point of You : OM...

    ps(st) - I guess people afraid of Change, Transformation & Evolution would say no to the Red Pill. I AM sure saying YES to Life in general (or as Eckhart Tolle would say...Accepting the Present Now) is just like taking the Red Pill, every mOMement of every day...(btw - have you seen the slightly crass but highly in-joyable film 'Yes Man'? Says kinda the same thing...I call it 'hollywoodising' Eckhart.)

  3. Thank you very much for this feed-back. I suspect that anyone who would take the blue pill really just prefers "the devil they know". Perhaps once these cautious ones have seen enough of the benefits of the red pill in others, they will want a taste also. I feel that this time approaches.