Monday, April 6, 2009

A thought on morality

All morality can be reduced to just this: remember who you are, and act accordingly. This is also a good definition of sanity.


  1. Namaste.

    Halo 13 Muluc - 'Tis a pleasure and abSOULute honOUR to meet you! Wow - I haven't really being paying attention to any comments left on my Blog lately, and all of a sudden there's several incredibly like-spirited new friends there saying hello. I really only use that blog as a kind of 'draft' space, a personal 'records' library (then I post them on other various sites), so really, what a lovely surprise!

    You know, I've gotta introduce 'GOD I AM' to you (just 'met' him tonight too). We three seem to have SO much in common:

    He's also listed 'God I AM' & 'The Book' as his favourites (for awhile there, I actually thought you were the same person - well you both are, but you know what I mean!). I too love the 'Tao te Ching' and have read & in-Joyed a lot of David Icke's work! Oh my Goddess, everywhere I seem to turn these days, there's ONEderful mirror images smiling back at me. It truly is a magnificent YOUniverse!

    "The YOUniverse is mirror...Reflect on that"
    ~ Omnitheus Oneironaut.

    Thanks for leaving a comment. I can see we're going to be great friends. The synchronicities so far tonight just meeting you & GOD I AM...have been utterly utterly blissful!

    Sweet Lucid Dream & Blessed Be.
    And Always Re-Member...
    All-Is In ONEderland!

    Another (curiouser & curiouser) Point of You : I AM

  2. Namaste.

    Halo again.

    You know, I have another good Cyber-friend in Toronto, Canada...(known as IamAnotherYou), and as I mentioned yesterday, GOD I AM is also from Vancouver, Canada (what IS it with you Canadians?!). Ummm, do you two happen to know each other? I mean, we do all happen to love the SAME books!!! Is it all just Divine 'Coincidence'? (not that there's ever such a thing, as it really is just 'harmonic resonance' at work...)

    I wouldn't be surprised if you two are married and you're all having a good chuckle over this! (smiles to Self...)

    So anyways...Morpheus once said this to Neo (The ONE) in The Matrix, and now Omnitheus is saying it (to another ONE) in This Matrix:

    "By saying YES...You are taking the Red Pill - You stay in ONEderland and you're shown how deep the Rabbit Hole goes..."

    Curiouser & Curiouser.

    It's lovely to be swept into yOUR orbits - ONEderland never looked so good.

    Sweet Lucid Dream & Blessed Be,
    Another Point of You : OM...

  3. Thank you for your kind response. GOD I AM and I have been married for 8 years now but we still appreciate the offer of introduction. :) He discovered your blog first and showed it to me. Does anyone really take the blue pill if they know about the red one? In Lak'ech.