Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Spiriuality of Unbelief

I reject the idea that spiritual development has any necessary connection with belief. I would even assert that belief interferes with both spiritual awareness and intelligence. Theories and working hypotheses are preferable because they are open to revision or rejection. Beliefs are not. This is important because of the nature of reality and the way the mind works. Our minds create the world we experience. No one (that I know of) has seen reality as it is. There is no "real world" as we normally experience it. There is only vibration. Our senses are vibrational receivers. These receivers pick up the vibration (eg. sound, light, etc.) and pass it on to the subconscious mind for interpretation. A great deal of editing takes place during interpretation. Many things get left out, to avoid information overload and also to maintain the integrity of our belief systems. This can cause serious problems if our foundational beliefs are wrong, because all new information must agree with what we already believe. If not, it will be ignored by the subconscious or create cognitive dissonance. For example, if our reality paradigm would be threatened by reason, then reason will not be available to us. This explains the intense, obstinate stupidity of religious fundamentalists. Believers in materialistic scientism do the same thing when faced with evidence of psi phenomena. There is very solid scientific evidence that psi phenomena, such as telepathy, exist. The brave souls who carried out these experiments expected their results to be resisted by established "science". As a precaution, they made sure that their protocols met a higher standard than is normally required. It didn't help. The scientific establishment ignored and ostracised them in order to preserve their beliefs. Why is it so hard for us to say those three little words; "I DON'T KNOW"? I allow myself the freedom to learn when I admit that I don't know. So much for the devastating effect of belief on intellect. What about spirituality? I would have to be blind to my own lived experience to accept that I am only a fluky result of materiality and chance. Meaning would have no place in such a reality and yet I experience meaning. So, if I am not an accident of matter, what am I? The only answer that makes sense is that I am pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is beyond space/time, so there can be only one. This is how I conceive of God. I can picture God as like a diamond of infinite size and my personal existence as one of an infinite number of facets. Although the facets are unique and distinguishable from one another, they are ultimately aspects of the diamond and cannot be separated from it. This conception and it's implications lead to a far more fulfilling way of being and relating. No belief is required for this.


  1. Love this, thanks. You might enjoy this essay about atheistic spirituality - - as a non-religious mystical type myself, I enjoyed it. I think that being open to "I don't know" is powerful stuff, opening you to much that is closed off by the blinders of belief.

    (PS - noticed the Watts book you recommend, I love that one, am currently working on his collection "This is IT," so far it's excellent!)

  2. Thanks Teapotshappen. I'm glad you enjoyed this. I've never thought of myself as atheist, since that term usually means, a belief that spirit does not exist. However, I'm sure you meant it in the sense of "non-religious". Clearly the English language was not created for people like us. You'd think "The Book" would be more well known than it is. Everyone I've recommended it to has loved it.