Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Human Nature

I keep coming across this idea that human nature is the source of our destuctive behavior. Could this be false? The evidence usually offered is the assertion that animals don't behave the way we do, that they are free of "evil". I don't buy this. If you take an animal and you cage, torture and humiliate it for years on end, it will turn bad every time. Our "civilisation" does this to every one of us. Our failure to notice this is understandable. A young child who is abused assumes at first that all children live this way. It is only when the child aquires wider knowledge of other families that she sees her situation as it is. Our human family has yet to reach this point so we take the abuse for granted and blame ourselves. We invent mythologies to justify it. The fact that humans turn bad only some of the time should tell us what "human nature" truly is.

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